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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-12-01 06:57:00
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    Well, it's maybe just a little bit later than I had hoped to write, but have had a busy day! Or rather, yesterday was a busy day. Anyway, you know what I mean! The graduation dinner has been and gone and it was excellent. I took a video, and there were photos taken. After last entry shopped with Magda and Mitch and bought much lovely stuff! Then tonight went fabulously! Really enjoyed sitting with Michael and Paul, and am glad did not sit with the Jankes as they were very curt and immature, and had hardly a polite word for any of us. Mitch was okay, but the real focus of the evening was downing three glasses of red wine in quick succession and feeling GREAT! Will drink more tomorrow when Mum is out. Ended up flirting like mad with Michael, but then it wore off and I started paying more attention to my real boyfriend. I then took photos of, like, everyone, and right at the end, got presented with my Leaver's Certificate. Smacked sexy Nathan on the bum too, and flirted with Ben McGarry. Sometimes wish I was Ben's or Nathan's girlfriend, often wish I was Paul's or Michael's. Especially Michael. But love Mitch, I suppose. Darren wrote a really shitty message in Mitch's book, saying that I was a complication that had come between Mitch and all of his friends. I mean, honestly. It's hardly my fault, is it? I don't forbid him to see them. It is simple jealousy because none of THEM have girlfriends. Before I left, went to talk to Jessie Flynn-Bent and told her I had written a three page letter to her, and then said I hoped we could be friends and keep in touch and though she looked really nervous and uncomfortable, she gave me a hug, which is promising. She has got a scholarship to the Australian College of Natural Medicine, lucky cow!!! So, a good night. Carolyn was laughable, but then, she always is. So, yeah, a good night, because I let it be...

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