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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-12-01 04:25:00
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    Well, I got the whole thing sorted out with my mother. I didn't get angry or anything, just quietly sat down in the car and said calmly that the situation seemed extremely out of character and would she mind explaining the actual circumstances? So she told me that she, indeed, hadn't wanted to upset me during my exams, and had thought I was too distressed already to have any more heaped on me. She also said that Carolyn had made false accusations against me, namely that Mitch had $3000 worth of work piled up at home which he wasn't doing because he's always with me. This is horribly unfair, because I don't INSIST that Mitch comes round at the expense of his work (he does website design on a contract basis). And besides, I checked with him yesterday and the actual amount is $1500. The only reason she wants him to get it all done now is so she can take it off him and spend it herself. I say that without a shred of malice - Mitch has told me that she spends his work money on paint to do up the house (she is always redecorating) and garage-saleing (she goes every week). She even takes his Austudy/Youth Allowance payments - she used all of it this year to finance her trip to England next year. But that is going to stop - Mitch told me that she agreed to sign his Youth Allowance over to him when he leaves school. Gracious of her. Anyway, my mum then got quite maternally enraged and icily asked Carolyn how come she and Dennis had supported the idea of Mitch moving in ALL YEAR, and bought us both loads of new stuff 'for the new place' when they've just changed their mind at the last minute? I'm not sure what their response was, but that's when Carolyn suggested the four nights a week thing. I am going into school today to a) return the few textbooks I can find; b) pick up Mitch and c) change (again) the seating plan for the Graduation Dinner on Wednesday so that we don't have to sit near the bloody Manson family. Mitch came round last night and I literally fell into his arms. We had a long, loving talk about how people can't hurt us if we don't let them and how we're too strong as a couple to let anyone get in our way. I love him so damn much!

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