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Laura (laurie332) wrote,
@ 2002-11-30 22:30:00
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    Number of hours spent working on various assignments to be handed in tomorrow - 7 and a half. Finally, FINALLY! Have finished bloody god damn it to hell and back assignments. All of them finished and wonderful. Did very little else all day. Went to gym - am fat and flabby and cannot do any of the things I am supposed to be able to do. Also look like flabby convict in my gym outfit, as is entirely grey. Mitch came round today and sat around looking delectable with bare chest, school trousers and my tinted brown sunglasses. He looked, and indeed acted, good enough to eat, but assignments are a cruel master, so I had to suppress my desire, at least for today...At gym, I was told by my trainer Robyn that my legs are wonky. They stick out in manner of John Cleese, so have been practising straight-legged walk all day, resulting in me looking less like John Cleese and more like John Wayne, and falling over and into things. Watched 'Bridget Jones's Diary' on DVD, but is about fifty million times crapper than the book. Love the book. Movie Bridget sad representation of very realistic book Bridget. Mum tried to get me to lend her the book tonight, but couldn't. Need Bridget - she is a friend! Got the (too) long-awaited phone call from Nanna and Grandad Lane saying they are arriving on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!! They have sold both the business and the house! Severe 'hurrah's' are in order!!!! But will now have to tidy house. Need to go in to school tomorrow to drop off damn assignments, but then Mum is picking Mitch up at 12.30 and bringing him here. No longer have stress of assignments, so wonder if I can get him to wear the glasses again...Mmmmm! Just the thought of him: his lovely long black hair, deep smouldering eyes full of passion and soul, lips that want me, hands, delicate and strong to hold me, voice eloquent and full of love...Love Mitch. Love Mitch ever so much...Hey! There must be more Poms in the vicinity! Somebody is setting off fireworks! Had forgotten it is Bonfire Night. Oh, and I am proud to report that I dyed Mitch's hair for him today. I have never dyed hair before, but it looked good, apart from it was a little brown at the front still. Oh well. So my Mitchie now looks sexy as hell with his gorgeous, raven-black hair which falls over his I go again!!!

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