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MUgirl (lauramay) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 12:26:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    Laramie Prepares for the West Nile Virus
    Today in the Branding Iron, we were informed that Larmie was preparing for the West Nile Virus 2004 season. We were told that it shouldn't become an issue for us until August when the misquito is most prominent. During the 2003 season 392 cases were found in Wyoming. The most infected counties were Goshen and Cambell. No cases have been found on the UW campus. We were told that most people bitten by the infected misquitos don't get the desease.

    Branding Iron Tuesday, April 6th

    My Concerns:

    Although we have not seen many serious cases in fear is that we will have to live with the West Nile Virus in the states FOREVER now. And that someday it might become worse. Is anyone else worried?

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It's scary
2004-04-07 12:41 (link)
Although they said that not everbody who gets bitten my the mosquitos will get infected, it is still scary. If if you are one of the people that can get infected. You can never know. What if your antibody was not 100%, you might get it. Anyway, I think just to think about it, it's very scary

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West Nile
2004-04-08 10:59 (link)
The West Nile virus is definitely something I am concerned about. I am from Goshen county, and it was amazing last summer how many people became infected, as well as how many animals died from it. Since there are so many farmers and ranchers in the area, the mosquitoes can't be avoided for simple work reasons.
Unfortunately, I don't think this problem is going to improve much. How do you get rid of a virus like this one? Think of how many years, dollars, and time has been spent now as well as in the past to eliminate mosquitoes. It's just not possible. Vaccines also seem to need some perfecting. Maybe once more research is done about the topic, a plausible solution can be made.

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2004-04-08 12:59 (link)
I'm definately concerned. One of my father's employees was infected. It took away her ability to walk and talk. She's finally starting to regain a little, but that's a little scary.

That being said, there's not a lot I can do about it. I will continue to wear bug spray, but anything beyond that is out of my control. I choose not to borrow worry in these types of situations.

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