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launchingduncan (launchingduncan) wrote,
@ 2005-01-11 10:13:00
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    I haven't written much in here for the past year or so--heck I've hardly written in here at all, really--and I don't think that's going to change. I recently started another on-line journal, and enjoyed writing in it, so much so that I realized I want to be as self-revealing as I want to be, and as reckless as I want to be in my writing, and these things don't come as easily for me in a public (or potentially public--no one seems to ever find this journal, but my more recent one was read by strangers more often, and commented on by them,as well) forum.

    So my days of on-line journaling may be over, or they may just be changing form. I may continue this or another journal down the line, but it won't be a very personal one. Rather, it would be a more "hey, look what I read" with links or a sort of forum to comment on topical matters, relevant to myself and others, revealing stuff involving the world-at-large and not so much me.

    I reveal myself only in private from now on.

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