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launchingduncan (launchingduncan) wrote,
@ 2004-09-07 00:00:00
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    Oh, hi, it's me again.

    It's been a while.

    Today was just awful, horrible. The only remotely good thing I could say about this day is that it is over and could never happen again.

    Well, I guess I could also say that I learned some important lessons, but I think I may always be a person who, rather than blithely accepting the idea of growth through duress, will simply curse all the more furiously that he wasn't born perfect.

    I hate the struggles.

    Today I went to what may have been the all-time last Aveo show, the first Aveo show I've been to in half a year, and not only did Jeff not look for me after the show, he walked right past me as though I were invisible.

    One of the coolest parts of the movie "The Opposite of Sex" is when Lyle Lovett is telling Lisa Kudrow about the magic of love as he sees it. You know it's love, he proposes, when you walk into a room and the person for you seems to glow, as if they are being lit up by biological highlighter. In other words, they really stand out. You couldn't miss them.

    I guess my biological highlighter wore off.

    But BostonBeth's is so bright he can see it all the way from Seattle. And so he's moving there in three weeks. Bye, Vivace. Bye, Aveo. Bye, Don.

    I guess the fact that he didn't even look for me, even though he knew I was going to the show, and even though I was standing with William and Mike afterwards, makes it somehow easier for me to deal with his moving away.

    Because I guess where I'm concerned, he's already gone.

    He just forgot to say goodbye.

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