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launchingduncan (launchingduncan) wrote,
@ 2004-02-01 23:10:00
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    The so called end of another workweek is upon me. Sunday night it's called , and I am glad it is here, if only because it means the end of a somewhat trying work Day. I worked with Linda today and actually she was pretty nice and fun to be with with and amusing, too fat to sell the customers for it. Well, I guess it wasn't that bad only one customer was a pain in the rump. I guess, all in all she wasn't that bad. It just seems that she wanted to have a so a lot today, tall-style, without any fall. It also seasons, that her illustrious barista (knee) was somewhat incapable of remembering via "filmless" portion of the order. So, when I presented her with her tall soy latte say it had fall bonnet and was actually quite lovely. She however it looked at it as though it had come from another planet -- actually I can't say that. In reality, they don't think she noticed that it wasn't foamless until I pointed out to earth. Saying something like "whoops, I forgot about the foamless part."

    Wells she looked all kinds of horrified and what I said all our foam is delicious it's wonderful you'll love it", she, after trying per my suggestion, beta horrified to sort of "I'm about to vomit" noise and the same kind of sentiment informed her entire visage. Now, ordinarily I am quite capable of overlooking the most hideous of transgressions and weirdnesses visited upon me by my customers, but for some reason the whole I'm so disgusted I have to make puke face if they really sets me off. So, I guess I wasn't very nice to her. I took the cup away and said something to the effect of "is there really any need to be so dramatic? Look, we'll just take this horrible lot say I've made for you, and throw it in the trash which is probably where it belongs its so awful.. Of course, I guess I probably have a slight smirk on my face and maybe didn't look quite as hateful and filled with buyer as I felt, but I think she was somewhat offended by my having taken offense at her gross out face. In the end I made her lot say the way she wanted it and then afterwards I felt badly for having made her feel like it was a bigger deal that was, and so as a sort of peace offering I sent but dull that to her daughter via a fellow customer of yours who was also, I believe, her friend. So, maybe all swell that ends well. Or, maybe all swell that ends in the her telling my boss that I was a complete Fokker to her, which ends in my being fired.

    Well, OK, that's unlikely. Unlikely statement number one: "telling my boss"; it's more than likely that my daughter bribed to her adorable kid was sufficient to keep her lips sealed. And number two : it's beyond highly unlikely its stratospherically unlikely that I should be terminated for such a mild offense. I guess there's a bit leased something that have a worked at the same place for nearly 10 years can afford you. I wouldn't exactly say I have "job security", but I would say that I don't have to feel too terribly insecure about a position there. Health insurance, I don't have. The privilege of being a wise-ass to the occasional obnoxious, persnickety customer, well, that I do have.

    Anyway. Here I am, at the end of my workweek is (as I started out saying), and at the beginning of my so-called weekend. I don't know for sure well do this weekend. I know I'm going to hang out to a little with Nikkei tomorrow night. Or rather, tomorrow afternoon, which will more than likely spread out into tomorrow night. I guess in some ways I am a little bit regretful for having made plans with Nikkei. I don't know where we stand right now. Or rather, I guess I do know where we stand right now, and I don't much like it. There are lots of people I could be "just friends" with, and I'm not sure that I would put someone who rejected me romantically and the trade my trust on several occasions, at the top of that list.

    Anyway (again). I still plan to make the most of my days off. Tomorrow morning I'll get up early, make a fire, read my new book, "the face of Apollo", by a man named Fred Sabre Hagan (which is not at all the where you spell his last name, but is, rather, the delightful way this dictation program interprets his last name which I think is cute enough to leave in"), then perhaps I'll head downtown. Maybe all sit at Uptown espresso, do some reading, some sketching and some coffee drinking. I also need to remember at some point to the buy tickets for the Starsailor show which is this coming Wednesday night. I'm going to go with -- you guessed it -- Nikkei. We have a long history with a band, and the song "good souls" off their first tall poem "love is here" was, in away, our song.

    Then I'll hang out with nickey tomorrow night and I don't know what I'll do on Tuesday but I plan on doing fun stuff.

    I like fun stuff.

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