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Noelley Bo Belly (latergator) wrote,
@ 2004-07-01 21:01:00
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    Silly Survey
    -- name: Noelle
    -- birth date: 3-2-86
    -- hair color: brown right now, almost time for a change
    -- height: 5'2"
    -- righty or lefty: Right
    -- zodiac sign: Pisces

    -- your heritage: .5 German, .5 Icelandic
    -- the shoes you wore today: adidas sandals, running shoes, flip-flops
    -- your weakness: food, calling boys when I know I shouldn't
    -- your fears: fire
    -- your perfect pizza: ricotta cheese, artichoke hearts, palmetto olives, and pineapple
    -- goal you'd like to achieve: Fulfill my potential, smile and find good in the world everyday, love someone with all my heart, have a family, keep my young spirit and tenacity throughout life, be on a school board or county commission planning group, have a country home, be near the ocean, make people admire me.

    -- your most overused phrase on aim: way tight
    -- your thoughts first waking up: "What time will I go to the club?"
    -- your best physical feature: Smile, blue/green eyes
    -- your bedtime: I usually get to bed around 12-1
    -- your most missed memory: Spending the summers in Lauryn's hammock, bike riding with Leigh and the girls, and playing with all four of my siblings, we never do that anymore.

    -- pepsi or coke: Coke
    -- mcdonald's or burger king: Burger King I guess, I never eat fast-food
    -- single or group dates: Depends how well I know the person.
    -- adidas or nike: My current running shoes are Nike's, guess I don't really care.
    -- lipton iced tea or nestea: Uhh, home made?
    -- chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate all the way.
    -- cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino

    -- smoke: Nope
    -- curse: A lot more recently.
    -- sing: Only in the car when I have a lot of emotion.
    -- shower everyday: Yes, basically twice a day.
    -- have a crush: I'm not sure, I'm pretty detached from love these days.
    -- do you think you've been in love: I'd say so, as far as I can tell.
    -- want to go to college: Yeah, I pretty much am going to college.
    -- like(d) high school: Loved it.
    -- want to get married: Yes, more than most other things.
    -- believe in yourself: Yes, for the most part.
    -- get motion sickness: In elevators.
    -- think you're attractive: Sometimes, I'm confident as if I think I am, but I don't think so most of the time.
    -- think you're a health freak: For the most part.
    -- get along with your parent(s): Yeah
    -- like thunderstorms: Love them cause they scare me!
    -- play an instrument: Piano

    in the past month ...
    -- drank alcohol: Yeah, too much at times.
    -- smoked: Nope.
    -- done a drug: Nope.
    -- made out: Yup, with a couple people.
    -- had sex: Nooo, too long.
    -- gone on a date: Yeah.
    -- gone to the mall: Duh.
    -- eaten an entire box of oreos: Not an Oreo fan.
    -- eaten sushi: I think so actually.
    -- been on stage: Yeah, graduation.
    -- been dumped: Haha, not directly.
    -- gone skating: No
    -- made homemade cookies: Probably
    -- gone skinny dipping: No, but that would be way tight!
    -- dyed your hair: No, believe it or not!
    -- stolen anything: Nope

    ever ...
    -- played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes
    -- if so, was it mixed company: Yes
    -- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yeah
    -- been caught "doing something": Oh boy, yes.
    -- been called a tease: OMG I was this month.
    -- gotten beaten up: No, hell no.
    -- shoplifted: No
    -- changed who you were to fit in: Everyone does in the middle school.

    -- age you hope to be married: 25-ish?
    -- how many children: 3
    -- describe your dream wedding: Classic, dim-lights, gorgeous man at the alter waiting for me.
    -- how do you want to die: Any way as long as it's when I am old.
    -- where you want to go to college: Haha, UW FO SHO
    -- what do you want to be when you grow up: Oh geez, well no longer a doctor. I want to be in business, trade, marketing, don't know for sure!
    -- what country would you most like to visit: Portugal I'd say. But I REALLY want to go back to England right now, that's my thing.

    in a boy ...
    -- best eye color? Something complex, like a blue or green.
    -- best hair color? Any one!
    -- short or long hair: Shaggy hair is Tom's length <3
    -- height: Around 5'10, or above.
    -- best weight: Any weight as long as it carries lots of muscle. Gotta be built.
    -- best articles of clothing: A good pair of jeans does a lot for a guy.
    -- best first date location: Anywhere in the great outdoors.
    -- best first kiss location: Doorstep, all DC-esque.

    -- # of drugs taken illegally: None
    -- # of people I could trust with my life: 6
    -- # of cds that I own: A ton.
    -- # of piercings: 4
    -- # of tattoos: 0
    -- # of scars on my body: One big, fatty one.
    -- # of things in my past that I regret: I actually don't have regrets really. Things happen, I don't dwell on how they could have been different, because really they can't be no matter how hard you think about it. Plus I'm pretty happy about my life, so I wouldn't do much to change it.

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