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[LaSTanDiNg] (lastanding) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 00:27:00
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    - Invincible Warrior
    -- A warm, yet odd breeze blows across a grass field. The bright rays of the moon's light cast silhouette upon the opposing two...drawn and ready for battle. --

    Kamui- ::After a long stare he lowers his sword:: Why have you come? Who sent YOU!?
    Duringu- ::smirks:: I have came upon my own pay my respects to a legend.
    Kamui- ::stands up strait:: I don't need your praises demon. Leave me be...::turns to walk away::
    Duringu- Don't you dare leave me! :::stands in a striking position:::
    If you walk away I will just run behind you and attack you with your back turned. Remember I am not human so I have no honor!
    Kamui- ::continues to walk away::
    Duringu- ::screams:: Don't test me Human!
    Kamui- :::talks with a bold voice::: You may follow me if you desire to...but, it will only lead you down the path of your destruction. ::still walking away:: I'm returning to my village to relax...digging your grave will disturb this so I wish not to fight you.
    Duringu- Humph! Path of destruction? ::laughs:: Will this be the same path that the last person who walked behind you choosed? Will attaking you from behind destroy the means of evil entities like me?...or is that spot designated for your loved ones?
    Kamui- :::stops in his tracks and grabs a pendant that hangs from his neck with his scared hand:::
    ::whispers:: Samarie? How do you know of her?!
    Duringu- ::laughs:: Everyones knows of her. You are legend, right? Everyone knows everything about you...even the only woman you loved.
    Kamui- ::turns and raises his sword in attack position:: DONT YOU DARE SPEAK OF HER AGAIN!
    Duringu- ::walks forward:: Why? Wait...are you mad? Did it anger you to see her disappear...following you...trying to save your life during the battle of Te' Tegasii? She never returned home have she? ::laughs hardly:: You think she died..DONT YOU!
    Kamui- Samarie did not die...:::whispers:::she can't...
    Duringu- ::reaches into a hidden pocket inbetween his sleeve cuffs:: Why? because you was there to protect her? ::becomes serious:: Come on Kamui, shes dead...I was the one that led her to the gate of Hell!
    Kamui- ::his clothes slowly begin to burn::
    Duringu- She told me herself that she was following you to warn you of the attack...but was no where to be found..your footsteps were never ending.
    Kamui- ::the flames wrap around his body and forms armor::
    Duringu- ::pulls out a capsule from his hidden pocket and throws it to the ground. The grassland is now filled with gray smoke::
    Kamui- ::is not fazed by the demon's technique::
    Duringu- ::vanishes into the smoke:: Admit it...shes' your only weakness! For sure someone by now has figured it out and has killed her..
    ::his voice now echos:: Now...that your weak, its time for you to die!
    Kamui- ::speaks with a tear rolling down his cheeck:: Enough of this...

    (Kamui's blade turns pitch black and then to a bright red. While standing still and only using the one hand that controls his sword, Kamui strikes three times useing the dull end of his sword. Echoing sounds of metal clashing rips through the air. Immediatly after the three strikes, Kamui swings his sword above his head and turns around into a new stance as he lunges forward and stops. The smoke fades immediately after Duringu screams engulf the field. Kamui's sword pierced right through the demons body. Kamui let out a grunt as his flame armor burns away and his sword turns back to normal.)

    Kamui- You can not kill me, Demon! I have no more weaknessess!
    Duringu- This can't be true....::gasp for air:: I thought you haven't yet grasp the fack that your only weaknessess has been destroyed.
    Kamui- ::smirks:: Yes I have...
    Duringu- said Samarie is not dead!!
    Kamui- She isn't...she is very much alive within me...I'm not a stupid person. I knew someone will use her as a threat to I eliminated my only threat and weakness.
    Duringu- ::groans in pain (still standing, impailed by Kamui's sword):: hehe ::smirks with blood drowling down his mouth:: And, how did you do that?
    Kamui- ::slowly removes his blade out of the gut of th demon, but stops just before its fully removed::
    I KILLED HER MYSELF! ::takes his blade out of Duringu and cuts his head off::

    ::whipes his bloody sword with a wrag and tosses the wrag to the ground::

    ::begins to walk away once again::

    Samarie wasn't only my one weakness. She was also my strength...her death made me stronger.

    I am Invincible

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2003-04-16 10:59 (link)
you one bored motha fucka......that shyt was hot...but u still one bored motha fucka.....maybe u should eliminate your weakness....:::::draws sword:::.........or should i do it for u...:::::slowly walks toward 23rd street:::::.... -K.J

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Some good shyt!
2003-04-16 13:51 (link)
Intense....... All I have to say!

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