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lara abdallah (lararules10050) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 07:17:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:nothing

    first day of school
    my schedule:

    0period-health hes the best teacher EVER!
    1period-biology soooo stupid!
    2period-world history sooooo boring
    3period-english 2-sooooooo boring
    4period-math-soooooooo boring except jackie is there
    5period-french sooooo boring

    well let me tell you each class one by one:

    zero i showed up 20 minutes late and hes sooo cool like i said hes the only teacher i like hes like "if theres an earthquake get out of my way" lol
    1st he made us get in an circle in order of birth(month and year and day) it was soo stupid then he made us get in a circle in last names (A-Z) then made us sit down i was like oh my gosh! what was the point in that
    2nd in history my friend michele was there but she changed so much i didnt know it was her and he was talking about boring stuff
    3rd our english teacher is sooo stupid she wont round our grades!
    at break i hung out with christina and jackie then i saw michele and schelsey and dj and went and hung out with them and then the bell rang so i went back to walk with jackie
    4th period in math it was boring but we did a worksheet ..i hate worksheets of all kinds at the end of the period me and jackie had a convo
    5th in french it was okay we watched the simpons it was the one where bart goes to france and then he read some translations from products and stuff

    then at lunch i go home yeah!!
    all over lol
    tell you about tomorrow

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