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lara abdallah (lararules10050) wrote,
@ 2003-09-20 14:22:00
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    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: oh did you see underworld
    Kristy187: no we went bowling instead
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: who won lol
    Kristy187: not me
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: i rule at bowling
    Kristy187: :-P
    Kristy187: i rule the batting cages
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: at my party i got 3 strikes at one game lol
    Kristy187: cool lol
    UnknownAngel5588: i am scared of batting cages lol
    UnknownAngel5588: i rule at bowling,badmittion and airhockey
    Kristy187: :-P bet u cant beat me in airhockey
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: i beat everyone at airhockey lol
    Kristy187: :-P
    Kristy187: cept me
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: well if you had gone to my b-day party i would have lol
    UnknownAngel5588: oh and i rule at police trainer lol
    Kristy187: suuure u would
    Kristy187: lol
    Kristy187: uhh yeah lol
    UnknownAngel5588: i love that game lol
    Kristy187: never played that
    UnknownAngel5588: i also like area 51
    UnknownAngel5588: and um....
    UnknownAngel5588: the thing where you throw the ball in the hole lol
    Kristy187: ohh yeah
    Kristy187: me and joseph rule that game
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: you know what i'm talking about lol
    Kristy187: no
    UnknownAngel5588: not basketball lol
    UnknownAngel5588: not...what else is there lol
    Kristy187: i dunno
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: golf
    UnknownAngel5588: its um...
    UnknownAngel5588: you know the thing lol
    Kristy187: well cause golf u hit the ball with a metal bar thingy
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: lol a bar?
    Kristy187: yup
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: its called a club lol
    Kristy187: whatever
    Kristy187: lol
    Kristy187: thats what i said
    Kristy187: :-P
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: sure lol
    UnknownAngel5588: the game is like round things and goes 10 20 30 40 50 100 and yeah
    Kristy187: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Kristy187: is it like bowling?
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: yeah lol
    Kristy187: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Kristy187: i know whatchu talking about
    UnknownAngel5588: lol
    Kristy187: thats called police training?
    UnknownAngel5588: no lol
    Kristy187: riiiiight
    UnknownAngel5588: police trainer is a video game lol
    Kristy187: im all cunfused now
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: for the arcade
    Kristy187: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
    Kristy187: ok i gotcha
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: your a confused indivdiual lol
    UnknownAngel5588: you crack me up gosh!! lol
    Kristy187: gosh
    Kristy187: oh my gosh
    Kristy187: :-P
    UnknownAngel5588: lol your like laura now lol
    UnknownAngel5588: she did that to me too
    Kristy187: lol
    Kristy187: im gonna go
    Kristy187: ttyl byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    UnknownAngel5588: why!\
    UnknownAngel5588: lol
    Kristy187: im tireddd
    UnknownAngel5588: you just got here bob lol
    Kristy187: i gotta wake up in 10 hours
    Kristy187: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: lol
    UnknownAngel5588: bye bob
    Kristy187: bye bill/fred/jim
    UnknownAngel5588: lol
    Kristy187: lol bye g'night
    UnknownAngel5588: byee

    The end

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