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Katie (lanniebaby84) wrote,
@ 2004-04-29 09:15:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!
    Three words:


    For as depressed, lonely, self-loathing, (and constipated, no less...mwuhahahahaha) as I've been lately, I dare say that I couldn't be much more excited than I am at this very moment. Why, you ask? Well, actually there are TWO distinct reasons for my current uphoria, ::ahem:: the main one being that I JUST ORDERED TWO TICKETS TO THE ALANIS / BNL CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!! August 9, 2004....Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts..... Mansfield, MA..... 7:00 pm...... Section 5, Row P, Seats 34 & 35..... AND YOU CAN'T STALK ME BECAUSE THE TICKETS ARE SELLING LIKE HOTCAKES!!!!!! They don't even go onsale to the "general public" until Saturday morning, but.... there is an internet pre-sale going on for anyone who has an AMEX card, and my mommy does!!!!! And she was being soooooooooo nice to me today, and I called her up THE MOMENT I found out, and she gave me her card number, and-- OH I AM SO FUCKING ELATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that I was able to even get my hands on $40 tickets with BNL on the "bill" is fucking amazing, and to coin a phrase from my dearest Emily, I am SOOOOOOOOO about to CREAM MY PANTS right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's all for now... Hehehe


    P.S. Jocelyn, I am still going to try to get tickets for the show in Jersey! (Didn't want to push my luck all at once with Mommy before I knew that the show in August was taken care of.) I shall be in touch!!!!!

    P.P.S. Emily, I have to give my aunt first "dibbs" on the second ticket for various reasons, the most important being that this show is going to be on her 40th birthday, and Alice is practically my "second mother." This does NOT, however, mean that I am going to let you get "away" without seeing MY goddess in concert!!!!!!! HELL NO!!! Alanis has been hinting that she'll likely be coming back around in support of "So-Called Chaos", so sit on those babies and start saving up!!!!!!!!!

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2004-04-29 18:20 (link)
That sounds perfect. I don't have the $ right now anyway. Just keep me updated. Hehe. :D

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