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lady ice (ladyicebabygirl) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 08:42:00
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    holla kids wuts guud... lol dis week haz been jokez freal....iight on wednesdae i had to stae at skool til 530 cuz mi dad went to tha airport n i wuz goin home wit mi wae me n sum ppl were juss chillin in da caff n da hallz n tingz den all of a sudden ****** goes to ******* n ****** n sayz u like dah dont u (n he'z fully talking bout me) n he goes to ******* go on chop dah....n den he tells me he likes me n im juss lik ok den he goes u tink ******* iz ugly n i didnt wanna b rude so i juss fully ignored him n he wuz like ok den dey were juss standin thurr talkin bout me like i cudnt hear dem err sumting yo dey fully talkd bout mi ass...ets it waz crazy den finaly dey had too go n i said bi buh i wuz still stuck thurr but luckly mi daddy came real quick rite buh he had to go get sumtin frum hiz office so i went to da car to get sum muney fur a drink n i bent over to get da money n dese guyz came round da corner n were like "NYCE" den i got out da car n turnd to walk bac inside rite n i waz walking n dey were like " yo ma come hurr...i wanna talk to u come hurr" rite n dese guyz r in grad 12 or 11 i tink n so i jusss kept walkin went inside got mi drink n den i think they followed me in n were lookin fur me cuz i saw dem n dey turneed n started towards me n i went up to mi dad n said(loud enuff fur dem too hear) " daddy can i have ttha keyz" n dey jus turnd round n ran da otha way.....but on fridae it happnd again n no1 was turr to save me i ran out side n to mi cuzins car where he was waiting but i tink it wuz da same ppl..... o ya n joee dis real fyne guy came in mi religion class n me n ******* were laughin like mindless idiots wen we saw him lol it was jkz....n we saw him in da hall to n went crazy lol n many oda tings buh i gotta go take a shower .....PEACE ....1.....nuff luv.....Lady Ice

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