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LGoodman (ladygoodman) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 21:56:00
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    Current music:You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet-Bachman Turner Overdrive

    I am currently reading four books... 1. Bohemia; Where Art, Angst, Love and Strong Coffee Meet. 2. Revenge. 3. Stardust; The David Bowie Story. 4. Youth In Revolt. I ate a piece of a dollar bill the other day. Yes, I ripped it up just so I could consume a piece, and it took me quite some time just to swallow it. I wore my shirt backwards today. I'm buying a yearbook this year just in case any of the seniors become famous.. this way I can be like "Hey, see.. I did know them." When I get out of school, I don't think I'll ever stop loving the fact that I will never again have homework. Ever. I took a shower in the basement today only to avoid a small fly on the ceiling that I was horribly frightened by. The most played song on my iTunes is Eye Of The Tiger.. played 337 times. Somehow I think that must be an error, otherwise thats 81, 890 seconds of Eye Of The Tiger.. which would be unhealthy. Think about the word Monopoly, doesn't that drive you insane? Tromboner or trombonist? I can not finish this right now.. more later.

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2003-12-13 14:23 (link)
the pictures on your picture trail dont load..

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2003-12-15 08:11 (link)
Hmm.. they do for me. I'll work on it.

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