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Dee (ladydee) wrote,
@ 2002-11-30 20:46:00
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    You'll be amazed at what some DDR and a long @ss shower will do to ya ;o)
    Well, I played Dance Dance Revolution for about 45 minutes straight (I know I know, it sounds childish. But I'm going to play this crap till I'm 65, so live with it) Anywayz, I was in the shower for about 50 minutes listening to my favorite techno CD. I was feeling nostalgic for a bit because its the music I used to listen to in the car. My little automobile...... how I yearn to turn on your ignition. *Sigh* I'm a certified pedestrian for all of you who were wondering (I guess that's you Paulie). Well, I've been only listening to rock lately, but I needed some of that Electronika to boost up my spirit! Well, I don't wanna write anymore. I'm getting the hang of this diary-journal thing. Not bad. Goodnight ;o)

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2002-12-01 23:53 (link)
DDR can solve life's problems! lol

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2002-12-01 23:57 (link)
Hello!! I am a friend of Pauls, and I thought I woudl say hello!! He told me you had a blurty, so I added you :O) I hope youdon't mind!!

DDR is so addicting... I remember... back in the day ::cough YESTERDAY cough:: when I played tehe. So many quarters spent... hehehe

Ok, I'm being retardedly hyper so I will end this transmission now!!

Heart Rachael

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2002-12-02 00:40 (link)
DDR owns :)

My vision of the future

---------- --------------

Left corner of shopping mall
Square Corner [Kids have virtual reality visors and are playing a multiplayer
roleplaying game involving chocobos and hard core techno and orchestrated music by nobuo uematsu]

Right corner

Two dozen ladies in excersize outfits are playing ddr and its all to
work out calories and such. they are all laughing and having fun in there spandex and are shouting
to the competition @ DDR XD

ok :) err.. i have a weird imagination

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