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LadyAlyce (ladyalyce) wrote,
@ 2004-04-27 22:18:00
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    Gah! Sometimes I am totally retarted!

    Once again (as this topic always comes up - especially when talking to older people) I talked to a person about what I wanted to do at Uni. I actually replied with a definite answer as well: Forensic Anthropology as a science/arts double degree.

    Ok. No problem there. Except I'm not sure whether I actually want to do that.

    In the last year I have seriously considered many different degrees and courses I want to do. All of these were influenced by things around me at the time. Here's a list of them in roughly the order 'I wanted to be...'

    Historian: Because I loved doing history in highschool and got the best grades in the year (though that still didn't earn me the History prize at the end. I so deserved that more than Anneka. <--- Still holding a grudge)

    Forensic Anthropologist: Started reading Kathy Reich's series of books where the heroine is an forensic anthropologist who helps to solve cases in Montreal and Charlotte. My enthusiasm for this wanned a lot when at the college open night I was told I'd have to do chemistry (or it would be good if I did) to do that at Uni. I didn't mind chemistry during highschool, but I didn't want to study it at college.

    Journalist: I was doing journalism as my media course and had so much fun interviewing people and researching. I also good grades doing it. :-) Hurrah!

    Lawyer/historian: Wouldn't it be cool if I could make all of those historic sites stay around forever somehow?

    Archeologist: My enthusiasm about history and digging started up again. Probably from reading a historical fiction novel.

    Journalist/Secret Agent: I can totally blame this one on Helen Feilding's latest book Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination. As of yet I haven't mentioned this one to anybody else - I know that Nick would roll his eyes, Mum would laugh, and my friends would say I could totally do it (which I could! They don't know how much I actually lie to them when they think I'm telling the truth. Hee!) while meaning 'as if!'. Oh - and I always want to expose huge international secrets that the people have a right to know.

    Forensic Anthropologist: Yes again. This time it's been bought on by an authobiography titled The Bone Woman written by Clea Koff. Totally awesome book. I haven't finished reading it since I only started last night (about this time actually) but am already over half way through it.

    Hrmm... I really need to start thinking properly and seriously about stuff like this. And what I'm going to do next year.

    Mum and Dad tossed an idea to me for next year. If Dad took a contract at a Third World sorta place where it's not a nice family job place - I could go across as an Volunteer worker and help the people there. I would love to do that. Missionary work sort of - but not religious. Or I mean if they wanted me to, I could, I definitely have enough understanding of the Catholic religion to... But anyway - This would fuel my need to do something useful as well helping people that really need it. And I wouldn't be there by myself. Dad would be close by (maybe Mum as well).

    Hrmm... I do wonder if they meant it seriously or as a joke - because I was really enthusiastic about the idea. It's better than working full time here or starting to study: which in the end would be useless to all, since I'd probably change courses in the end anyway.

    I would really like to do that. Give me time away - but helping people that really need it.

    That's something I think my occupation would have to do in some way.

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2004-04-28 00:41 (link)
As someone who has switched universities and courses twice, I really do recommend going off to work or volunteer for something that you feel passionate about for a while if you're not absolutely certain what you want to do. I've never really known what it is I wanted to do -- I think to some respects I still don't ;) but after going off to work for a while I thought I was more settled in what I wanted to choose -- I'm happy with what it is I'm doing now, but it's taken something like three years to get here. Mm.

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2004-04-29 07:15 (link)
Thank you for the good advice - or more like reinforcing what I was already thinking. :-) I have decided to do that. I don't even know if I want to go to Uni after next year either (like wait perhaps three years or something) - but that's way to far in the future so I'm not going to think about it. I'm still not sure what to do next year or what courses and Uni to enroll in - but I can always defeer and change anyway - so it's not a big problem. :)

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2004-05-02 21:25 (link)
Indeed :) As someone who's changed a million times I can say with assurance that you definitely can change and defer if you wish ;)

In regards to forensic anthropology -- the best courses in the world aren't actually here, they're in the UK. If you're genuine about it you might want to look into those -- or take things such as physiology and anthropology here and then take those courses post-grad. It's just something I've looked into at some stage as well :)

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2004-05-03 02:27 (link)
Ohh... thank you. I haven't actually started looking into what Uni's have what and such - still think about what I want to do. ;-)

UK is actually a possiblity since my eldest bro just went over and is staying there for a long while, and there's always the possiblity of my parents moving as well. :-)

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