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Lacey (laceyyy__) wrote,
@ 2011-05-22 13:14:00
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    What a week..
    So, I went to the Alvarado Police Department and got my tickets sorted out. The no insurance one got taken off because my friend brought his current insurance cards, and so I only have to pay the no license ticket. Which is only $108, and my mom is going to help me pay. They gave me an extension till the end of June to get it paid off. I'm prepared to have it go on my record, though. I may go to court just to see if I can get it taken off..and if not, that's cool.

    As for my personal life, well...I've got a lot floating around in my head right now, and it'll have to wait for another entry.

    And, same with my living situation. If I don't find a job in a week, I have to find a new place to live, which is the problem. I have nowhere to go. So, I'm busting my ass applying and calling places back. All while still trying to find somewhere to stay. Sigh.

    My life wasn't this big of a mess a month ago. I may not have been able to trust the guy I like, but I was still content and happy, no drama. But shit happens, everything spirals out of control. And I don't like it.


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