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Garett Enterline (la_gear) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 00:51:00
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    today was an excellent day....played the diablo2 until about 1 pm then promptly headed for Jay's house. Hung out there, jumped on the hay bails, and then decided to go longboarding. Picked up Corbin and met at the Boot Hill parking lot for fun times. Soon thereafter withdrew my shirt and proceded to longboard up and down the hill. Longboarded to Seven-Eleven and bought gatorade for the quenching of my thirst. Returned to the parking lot of the Boot Hill and finished our longboarding expidition. Rushed home for a hurried shower then was off to Mazzio's for the normal family get-together for april and may birthdays. Headed straight to Hasting where Corbin picked up a Game Boy SP and we duely purchased Dynasty Warrios 4. From there we headed out to Jays for more fun times. We jumped on the Hay Bails again and then longboarded some more. Corbin and I left for home, and on arrival recieved a phone call from Jeremy reminding us that his birthday party was going on. We jumped into the car and dashed to his house. Soon thereafter we had most of the party in the pool and there were several vulgar acts as well as running and occasional flying. I returned home and now am off to retire to my bed.

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