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Liv (l__tyler) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 10:47:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:All For You - Janet Jackson

    I am not going to start by saying "Hey there, I am Liv Tyler", because everyone does it and it is stupid. Yeah it is stupid like an 'i'. 'i's are like stupid sticks with dots. OH. And what the fuck is up with 'j's? It is like an 'i' gone crazy. What the hell? Was it trying to get away from something? "I'll just turn that way! To get away from that stupid ball." Yeah and I would too if I had a stupid dot floating over my head, I mean, look at how friggin ugly it is. God. Just looking at makes me wanna throw up, but I am afraid to because I might throw up dots. And that's gross. Gross like cheese.. Why the hell would anyone wanna eat something with holes in it. It is like molding milk crap. What the fuck? I mean. Gross. Why the hell would you wanna put something into your body that looks like it just came out. Again, it's gross. It's like milk from a mad cow, chunky and not right in the head. It makes me mad. Mad like good byes.. What is the sence in saying good bye if you are just going to come back in a little while?

    AIM - Lotsa Love Liv

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2003-06-23 12:01 (link)
Well that is an interesting introduction if I do say so myself. Hey, Liv. Welcome.

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2003-06-23 12:08 (link)
Wow Jenn, did it take you long to write that one? Because I know it took forever to read (mua ha *note the sarcasm*) Yeah, I don't think you can honestly say that this: (i) doesn't bother you. Look at that fugly little dot just floating over the stick like "Hello I'm just going to sit on your face now." Yeah. That's what I thought.

But thankee for the happy wholesome "WELCOME!"

moi (tisses)


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2003-06-23 12:16 (link)
Liv, you are one weird ass mofo. I mean that too. You talk about all the little 'i's and the 'j's. Did you ever thing about the 'A'? It is so fucking ugly, like a stick person with her skirt up a little too high. Like, oh, I like being skanky! Ooh. It is the Christina Aguilera of the keyboard (Just because her last name starts with an 'A' of course ;) ). Come on now. I suppose that would make you the 'X', just because when we were little and we used to play in the sandbox, you couldn't keep your legs closed. Come on now, yeah that's what I thought. Pfft. And yes, the 'i' does bother me, as does the 'j'.. But come on, what about the 'g'? Or the 'Q'? They are sperms gone wrong!

LIV and Let DIE. <3 :-*

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2003-06-23 12:23 (link)
Yeah, I can remember it like it was only yesterday. "Come here sand, jump right in". Yeah I can see that happening. i <--------- OH DEAR LORD IT'S HIDIOUS!

I saw your mom at the mall the other day. She was all like "Liv. Hey sweetie how have you been? You don't live up here anymore, what are you here for?" I told her I was up for a photo shoot, and I was on a break shopping. Yeah that's right I spent the day shopping with your mother. Where were you biotch? I miss your sarcastic "Hey I think I'm funny but I'm really not" ness. *lol* I'm just joking. I miss you. Call me later if you get a chance.

LIV ing forever biotch!

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2003-06-23 12:30 (link)
Yeah well I hate you, and by you I mean the letter 'u'. It is like an 'n'. 'Cept it looks uglier when it is a 'u'. The 'n's are at least half descent looking. Unlike the fucking 'u'. Yeah that's what I thought, bitch. That's what I thought.

Yeah, you can go ahead and shop with my momma, yo'. Cause she probably bought me something while you were with her. She was thinking about me the whole time, bitch. Me. The. Whole. Time. Yeah that's right. You know it's true. And you know what else?

La la la Liv is like Cha cha cha Chia, except not. That is why you have a green layout and everything, that is why it says that at the top of your page. Cause you look like a fucking chia pet. Bastard green chia pet thing. You know you love the GREEN LEPRACHAUN-NESS of it all, bitch. Yeah that's right, you love it. Love it like you love dying. Which is what you are gonna do. Now. *Laughs.* You know I love you, and that I am joking when I say I want you to die. <3 :-* (At least that's what you think.. Joking again). Or am I? Yes. I think so. Or maybe, no nevermind I am not going to go there.

Yeah I will give you a call bitch. :-*

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2003-06-24 05:03 (link)
hello and welcome.

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2003-06-29 17:05 (link)
-blinks- That was...interesting.

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2003-07-01 13:09 (link)
You know you loved it ;).

Moi (tisses)

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