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*..I lOvE yOo MiChAeL..* (l0ve_me_4ever) wrote,
@ 2004-09-10 15:09:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music: AsHlEe SiMpSoN

    Wutta wonderful dayy!!!
    soOo i woke up at 6..ughh...took a shower..n got readi 4 skool. got 2 skool a lil after 7..saw michael.. YAY! haha went to 3rd period-->>which is french, there was a quiz thing..HA i got 4 wrong!!! blahh* 1st period after that-->> which is english...there was a sub WOO HOO! haaa well we needed a book 4 that class which was in mi locker...n i culdnt get mi locker open-*sooo i got 2 walk around skool n find som1 2 help me open it...didnt happen but i saw michael my love! yippee! haha but he didnt c me...pooorrr mufin :0( lol after that was 2nd period-->> art* that was boring...went 2 walk around the halls n i saw michael again! hehe :0) n then at 10:30 i had a guidance app. n i changed mi french in2 spanish..yay! haha then was 5th period-->> health..GRR! the most hated class of the dayy! oh well...that was done in an hour HA...then went 2 lunchy**michael went 2 mi lunch 2day bcuz he skipped class YAY! hahahaa after lunch we hadda go 2 7th period-->>which is history...i fell asleep hehe..didnt mean 2...i swear..then went 2 6th period-->>matthhh!! HA that class is funny..we dont really do anything since im in the sped math class! woo hoo...hahaa then the bell rang..n i saw michael babey :0) then he n brittany went 2 c wendy 2 get mi jacket...buuut she didnt hav ill get it 2nite at the game...alrite now since i just told u mi whole FULL detail im gonna go HA bye bye

    <33 kayla

    i LoVe MiChAeL oH sO vErY mUcH...<3

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