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Kuriko (kuriko) wrote,
@ 2005-01-27 12:48:00
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    Current mood:A little tired ^^;

    New students~
    On Tuesday, I had my lesson with Hiro and I was pleased that he was so enthusiastic to play a game that I created on my own. I never seen him try so hard to speak English properly, so I think I can continue to try and work more on games to encourage him. I was almost afraid that we were too noisy since Michael was tutoring a college student, but I was just glad that Hiro enjoyed himself. ^^

    Yesterday, I had my last final and thank GOD that it's all over now. I can't sleep in until Sunday since I have to go to first period tomorrow along with working Saturday morning, but it's fine. Things have been going well, but as much as I want to be cheerful, I can't help but have a weight over me with the German students leaving. It's going to be different without them here, but it's for the best that they pursue their internships. I'll probably work more after they leave anyway and join a music club next semester, so I'll be busy. I also have to study harder, so I won't have much time to run around, I'm sure. Maybe Li and Masa Aki will go places with me, though I'll have to keep in contact with them.

    This morning I had an hour class from 11:00-12:00 at a dance school. My students were around 27-ish and I actually had a wonderful time talking with them. Miki and Kazuya are actually professional dancers and participated in dance competitions all over Japan. They're going to London for another one in May, hence why they wish to learn English. For the first time in a long while, I felt like I wasn't being judged and I could speak openly with them, not even feeling nervous. Kazuya is shy, but Miki is more outgoing, so it balances the class nicely since we hardly had any awkward pauses. The only thing was that I used a bit too much Japanese, which Yasuji-san told me after ^^;;, but hey, it's a learning experience. It's so strange how Japanese just comes out almost automatically now, but I need to put a restraint on it since I am teaching them English. I was explaining things to them and ended up continuing in Japanese, but I'll remember that next time. *nods* Yasuji-san told me that I was calm, which was good. ^^ Yokkata yokkata. Miki told me after that I could dance too since I'm tall, but I told her that I'm not skinny enough (I swear, I've gotten fluffy T.T;;) and that I'd probably dance like an elephant. ^^; She is bloody thin. o.o Kazuya is tall and lithe, so they make a wonderful couple as dance partners. I wish I could see them perform~

    I think I'll go to Shin Toyohashi for a little bit to get something for Irina. I think everyone is leaving on February 1, so we only have the weekend left. Irina told me to come to Tokyo with them to celebrate my birthday, but I don't think I have the money for that. I have to buy another train ticket to get to Narita Airport later next month too, so it's too much for my budget. We'll see though. ^^

    -EDIT- 8:37 p.m.

    I saw The Black Mages II at Animate today~! I wanted to get it, but I'll have to wait until I get my scholarship money or paycheck in a few days. I also saw a special edition of one of my favorite music magazines with only Dir en grey's The Manipulated Life tour featured within the entire book. XD Tis great tis great~ Life is good again. ^^ I can spoil myself on my birthday.

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2005-01-29 23:18 (link)
Aiyee, sorry about the lateness of my reply. @_@;

Yay! I'm glad things are working out better with Hiro and yep, all children love to play games no matter what kind they are. You did the right thing and I'm pleased that things are working out so nicely. ^_^ And congrats on finishing your finals! Must feel great to get those out of the way, huh? *grins and laughs* Here you are finishing up your semester and mine's just about ready to start! @_@

As for the German students leaving, well as I said before, you'll still speak with them and I know you'll still have a good time over there. Yeah, it probably won't be the same without them there but at least they were there to brighten things up in the first place. *grin* Just join that club you spoke of and I'm sure you'll make it through the rest of your stay with little to no problem.

Awww! Two new students! And dancers none the less... o.o Awesome! I'm glad you had a good time teaching the class and don't worry about using too much Japanese. You are in Japan after all and, as you said, it just comes out automatically. And psh, I know for a FACT that you still look beautiful and your definition of fluffy is MUCH more different than mine. ^_~ And if it makes you feel better, I'd probably dance like a drunken bear. *laugh*

Well I hope you have fun this weekend and a restful semester break! *glomp* Take care~!

[And ooh! Black Mages II! XD]

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2005-01-31 02:38 (link)
Oh hey, no problem and I've been pretty engrossed in stuff here myself, lol. *hugs*

Thankies and I was so happy that he actually liked it after all the work I put into making it. ^^ It was such a thrill for me. Oh yeah, it feel damn good for finals to be over. I'll study harder next semester though. @.@; Good luck on the start of yours!

Yup, definitely, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of being optimistic for them. I definitely will miss Irina terribly, but we'll be sending emails by phone and the net', so tis fine. ^^ Plus, Jordan's here to keep the craziness going. >.< Oh, I did join a club recently~! XD Tis a music club called Onken, so I look forward to that.

LOL, dance like a drunken bear... bloody hell. *whaps you with a plushie*

Thank you and I look forward to teaching them further. I need to ask Michael again for his advice, but I know I'll do fine. Lol, it was a little funny to be slightly scolded for speaking too much Japanese since I am in Japan, but at least I know I've improved in the language. ^^;

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Happy day!
2005-02-01 15:59 (link)
Happy Birthday Kuriko!

Hope your celebrating and having a good time!

Take care,

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Re: Happy day!
2005-02-03 03:20 (link)
Hey Lisa~! Thank you very much! ^^ I appreciate your sentiments~


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