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Mykee (kulots) wrote,
@ 2003-07-24 13:30:00
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    Current mood: working
    Current music:clicking noise of my mouse (we can't play music at work)

    Gaya Gaya...LoL
    So I'm stealing this from Justine...Thanks ha! BTW, can someone help me with the formatting here in blurty? kasi hindi ko alam kung paano gawin when you don't want to post up the whole entry (yung gagawan mo ng link to get you to the rest of the entry ba...) I'm retarded so someone please help me! Thanks...LoL!

    Michele's Top 20 Songs (in no particular order of preference)

    1. The Promise by When in Rome
    - but if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me. I promise... -
    GREAT song! Reminds me of my childhood days growing up in I really take the lyrics to heart.

    2. Human by Human League? (tama ba?!)
    - i'm only human, born to make mistakes... -
    CLASSIC...ah! I love this song...makes me weep whenever I hear it. BTW Boyz II Men remade this song, more upbeat but still a classic.

    3. Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks
    - and i can't keep my eyes on the road, knowing that she's inches from me... -
    *BIG SIGH* This is my song for my baby. Reminds me when we went to PCU and he sang the song for me...I miss you papi...

    4. So Into You by Tamia
    - every passing moment, thoughts of you run through my head -
    Whenever I hear this song, it's like summer again for me. Just makes me feel very relaxed and carefree...

    5. Just Once by James Ingraham
    - can we find a way to finally make it right? -
    Awww...Jov! Honey! Miss singing this with ya buddy...

    6. Say You'll Stay by Kai
    - say you'll stay by my side, say it's more than just tonight -
    GREAT group...local flip band here in guys should really check these guys out. Plus, their acapella version will really give you goosebumps!

    7. Only One For Me by Brian McKnight
    - i've been around, but now i've found that you're the only one for me -
    What can I say?! Brian McKnight is just simply the best. All of his ballads just touches me straight to my heart and moves my soul...

    8. I Can Tell by BBMak
    - it's in the way you caress my face, like you always used to but differently -
    SAD SAD SONG! I guess I like this saong 'cause it comforts me when I've been in a break-up or just something that makes me and another person become two completely different people...I dunno, I can just relate to the song's message.

    9. The Distance by Evan and Jaron
    - i can brave a hurricane and still be standing tall when all the dust have settled down, but i can't take the distance -
    Just exactly explains my situation right now...hay buhay....

    10. Everytime by Janet Jackson
    - the last time really hurt me, scared to fall in love... 'cause everytime i fall in love it seems to never last -
    OKAY, how true is this?! Wow...this is one of the main songs that will go down in the soundtrack of my life...

    11. With or Without You by U2
    - i can't live with or without you... -
    Another one of my classic songs! I remember watching the video for this song and just falling head over heels for Bono...he looked dang sexy in the leather vest!

    12. Baby Luv by Groove Theory
    - whether or not i say it a lot, i'm down with you in every single way -
    Makes me feel very happy when I hear this's just so uplifting and makes me remember how loving someone can be so much fun!

    13. Tuloy Pa Rin Ako by Side A
    - maghihintay na lang kung sino man iyon, dapuan ang puso ko tuloy pa rin ako -
    Ahhh...I LOVE SIDE A! This song makes me think of my days spent there in PI...Feels like nakatambay lang ako...LoL!

    14. Sa Kanya by Ogie Alcasid
    - sa kanya pa rin babalik sigaw ng damdamin, sa kanya pa rin sasaya bulong ng puso ko-
    Basically says that I think no matter who I meet, I'd still be going back to my baby 'cause he makes me feel alive and complete.

    15. 214 by RiverMaya
    - am i real? do the words i speak before you make you feel that the love i have for you will see no ending? -
    Was a song for me and my ex Mike. I just think that the song is awesome...great rock ballad from a flip group!

    16. Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon
    - you are sunlight and i moon joined by the gods of fortune... -
    LOVE, LOVE this! I've always wanted to sing this with someone to feel all romantic and mushy!

    17. Hurt by Kalapana
    - would you hurt the man who loves you? would you hurt the man today? would you take the love you gave me away? -
    The beat and rhythm of this song is SUPER AWESOME! I love singing this with my peeps there in PI.

    18. Runaway by The Corrs
    - close the door, lay down upon the floor... -
    Hehehe...I would love to runaway with the love of my life...just not right now though, LoL!

    19. Get Here by Oletta Adams
    - you can reach me with a caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man. i don't care how you get here, just get here if you can -
    Man...I guess the distance is really getting to me, huh? I like the mood that the song really makes me think how far I would go just to be with someone...

    20. Place In This World by Michael W. Smith
    - looking for a reason, roaming through the night to find my place in this world -
    This is my song for Him. I guess it's my soul-searching to find how I can serve Him and use myself to make people aware of how his grace can move mountains...

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2003-07-24 19:17 (link)
yeah kai hit it big in manila a few years back...wonder what happened to them? =\ anyway i wuuv #s 14, 15 and 19!!

ate che you put this [lj-cut text=""title] and at the end of the text [lj-cut]
just replace the []s with <>s :)

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2003-07-24 19:18 (link)
ay teka bat ganun luambas basta [lj-cut text=""] then your put your title in the middle of the ''" :)

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2003-07-25 01:08 (link)
nice choices! so u like classics? cool! :)

bout the journal thing, you can read all bout the how to's sa faq's dun sa support area :)

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