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Rants of Life (krycty) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 14:10:00
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    Monday I was talking to Mischa and we were talking about cell phones, and insurance. I was like I would not pay 4 bux a month for phone insurance. He was saying how the people at the Sprint store said that 3 people a day come in cuz they dropped their phone in the toilet. I was like I've never done that, I will never do that. blah blah blah. What did I do THAT SAME NIGHT!? I dropped my phone in the toilet. Hah. I was kinda mad. So my phone is dead!

    Tuesday I tried going to the Sprint store, got UTTERLY lost! I got on the freeway some how! it fucking SUCKED. I was SO lost. I asked some guys how to get back to Wheat Ridge. So I got home. It was frightfull! I called Mischa and yelled at him in a voice mail cuz he jinxed me! haha.

    Wednsday/Yesturday I went back to the Sprint store, I planned on spending atleast 100$ for a new phone right. I was going to get the Digital Cam phone, it was 200$ I hate sprint phones they are ALL so ugly. I was about to get it, then I asked the guy, hey do you guys have my phone and he was like yeah over here.... We went to it, was alittle different, but pretty much the same. I asked how much it was, he said 20$ I was like REALLY!? I need to get the phone! I was like as much as I would love that other phone, I REALLY can't afford it and shouldn't get it! He understood. So I was HAPPY! Got a 20$ phone! Yeehaw! My old battery still works! So I have 2! A battery ALONE is like 50 bucks! Mischa Called when I was walking the dog with my dad. He called me at like 11pm Colorado time, we talked for 5 or 6 hours!!!!!!! I didn't go to sleep until 5am I think it was. Our phones kept dying haha. He's so cute, I hope he never reads my journal, he will know I like him. And I don't like boys to know that I like them. I can't wait to go home! we have lots of dates to go on haha. Like Magic Mountain.

    I had a weird ass dream I sold some CUTCO to EMERIL! hahahahah

    This weekend we are going to the LAKE, hopefully!

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