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Rants of Life (krycty) wrote,
@ 2003-07-07 18:11:00
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    Woah nuts, haven't updated on here in forever. yikes. I've been working, and stuff, yeah. I am getting lazy though, all I wanna do is go to the beach, workout, ride my bike, and find hot men, haha jk. I joined Bally's yesturday. I saw my friend Dustin there, I was like HEY!!! It's so weird cuz I had a crush on him like when I was 14, and I tend to see him every few years. The last time we hung out we got drunk stay up all night and made out, that was kinda weird. When I woke up I was a complete bitch haha. I have no clue what I think about him. I worked out. My abs still hurt from yestuday, Im such a fat ass! ha. I weighed my self yesturday, said 115, today says im like 118 or 120 hahaha, wow I gain weight! muahahaha. i am bored and tired. I think I will shower and go to sleep. I am suppose to hang out with Ryan tonight. We'll see. Maybe I will go to the gym again and work out some more. ADIOS.

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hey - interesting posts
2003-07-10 04:58 (link)
hey, just stumbled upon your journal and im new here, so i dont really have any friends and i wanted to know if i could add you as a friend and if youd add me as your friend? - i really need people to read my journal and comment it would keep me sane - thanks so much for even taking the time to read this! thanks again!

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2003-07-12 13:52 (link)
i looooooooooooooooooove your layout. yaaay its gwen hehe i love he shes awesome


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