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Rants of Life (krycty) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 10:07:00
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    Damn myself!
    Need to update! I say that every time I do huh. Dave and I broke up a few days ago. Whatever. I guess it was never worth it in the first place. If I would have know something simple couldn't be worked out, I would have never started it up again in the first place. Actually to be honest, and I have never said this alloud before, but when we first kissed again, I didn't feel anything like he did. It excited me more how much he was all into me again. He was so damn into me, and I still wasn't really super INTO it, it wasn't an EWW wtf thing, it was just a whatever, its dave, thing. After a few days I started to fall inlove with it, it was all beginning to be like when we first met. Hell, I remember in the middle of the night him saying "you're the best" and kissed me. That just did it right there. You're the best, that's a thing we use to say all the time when we first started going out and then of course it faded. I don't understand how you can act SO into a person when you want them, when you're first with them, then it goes away. It PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF, actually. God damn, this break up was the same exact shit as it always is, except with out the drama, with being civil, with out caring really. I am actually proud of myself that I haven't gotten all crazy over it, but I have been busy so fuck it right. Can't try to fix something that will never go. One person can't fix a relationship, it HAS to be 2. So when its only one, there is not much you can do but let it go. The craziest thing is I am growing up and starting to like the things in guys that I always said I would never like, Hot Men with hot cars, and alittle cash. Which is nuts because Dave is like none of those things, Hot part, sometimes not all the time, when hes an ass hes just not cute at all. But, the point I am trying to make is, he doesn't even have the qualities most girls would like, hot car, cashola, yet I would be happy with the simple hang out at home, only if he would grow the fuck up and not be all scared to commit. I don't consider it commitment unless you're married. Making sure your girlfriend is NOT all buggy is not a big thing, its a piece of cake. FUCK, I need a guy to act and treat me the EXACT same way around people. That impossible! haha! so thats why I turned GAY! no just kidding. I kinda have the hots for my manager, thats kinda weird huh! heh. well he is only 26, BUT married. Nuts. This one guy from work is a creep. He has a girlfriend, hit on 2 girls in one day, like litterally trying to hook it up, one is not so bad but TWO!? in a day!? with a girlfriend!!! that just says Desperate CREEP! it sucks too cuz his girlfriend works with us. I hate girls having fucked up bf's, I don't care if you didn't cheat on her, talking the way he talked about her about she pretty much means nothing is fucking sad! you just don't do it. Break up with her THEN do it. That's probably like Dave doing that, and I know he has, with the stripper bitch. I don't care what he ever says, he did. Thats not right. Hell he probably did it again!!!!!!! had a crush on some dumb bimbo (thats my favorite word for any girl that dave goes out with) :) Then when my shit came up, not a big deal, it was so easy to break up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? YEAH FUCKING RIGHT BUD!!!! FUCK THAT SHIT! I don't care either way, I am not going to sweat it. It's probably happened like 20 times, and I always made a big about it. Not today. :-P Move on to bigger and better things. The sad thing is I have never even come close to cheating of Dave, or talking to other guys like I shouldn't with a boyfriend. Other guys yeah actually I have. But, not Dave. It's always the ones you TRUELY LOVE that fuck you OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN!!!!!!! ahh I am sick of it, and I am sick of others doing it to other girls. WHatevers. Im going to eat my mc donalds, yuck.

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