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Rants of Life (krycty) wrote,
@ 2003-05-09 20:28:00
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    Weird Day
    First I had the weirdest dream every! Kinda scary really. I think I was drunk and we were getting in our cars to go some where. I got in mine, it was night time. Pitch black, I turn on my lights I go to get out of my parking spot and the lights go out and my car lost control and I am litterally slamming into things as if I was spinning around and around slamming into cars, trees ect. It is pitch black my lights died and my brakes weren't working if anything they turned into the gas pedal, I was so confused and tramatized in the dream that I didn't know how to take control. Then I just passed the fuck out in the car. Then I woke up. It was by far the most strangest dream I have ever had. I have been having the most unusual dreams lately.

    I worked over at Mira Costa today. That was interesting. I love working there, the kids are so weird. What's with the long hair these boys are doing. They look like fucking hippies! I was being INSANE @ work! It was grreat! Some people drive me nuts. Some dumb bi0tch got mad cuz I was commenting on her food. Fish sticks in a taco, as a fish taco (the was the kitchens fault) she was like you don't need to say bad things about my food. I was like ohh boo fucking hoo cry me a river! I can't stand her. She always super fake saying, Hi How are you! It's good to see you! *jerk off motion* or *finger in throat, GAG*

    My little sister got suspended for getting in a fight, so I had to go pick her up from school. Some girl was like do you go here, I laughed and was like uhh no. Im 20 (on tuesday) and I am asked if I go to a Middle School! haha! Wow!

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