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kruciallhighdemand05 (krucialdemand05) wrote,
@ 2003-09-06 12:51:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:N.E.R.D.- rock star

    ok this is my first entry so you know it will be blah ummm yeah lets see today i dunno whats going on.........
    I got this site from my friend ashley........

    last night i was talking on the phone till 1 in the mornings with Nahirys's friend Alex. Basically the girl is single and wants a man. Alex thinks I'm cute and was interested. So she called me last night and we talked about everything. Do you know she has a list of 45 things that she doesnt like the people she dates to have. DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNN. but i dont think I'm any of those ha ha ha. I made her laugh the whole night though. I called Nahirys this morning and she says that Alex told her thats she likes me so from now on just play it cool and what not. Like I know what that means. She seems like the type of girl I could bring home or like show my grandparents to cuz I dont live with my mom. Hopefully this whole thing goes well.... But yea ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see I'll be sure to keep you posted on that topic.

    I really want a girlfriend. People are always like "you got a girl?" "no" "why not?" Im thinking "how the fuck am i supposed to know" but i really say " i dunno...." but yea maybe ill be getting one soon who knows...there are girls i have in mind that I would like to go out with..............Ashley..............Shanique theres other but you know dont want all these names to get out.

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