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Kristin (kristin838) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 20:12:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Saves the Day

    its whatever
    what a day. its monday, i made it through. goodtimes at school

    school in my opinion is just a place for socialization instead of a truly learning experience. ive realized that you dont really become a teacher because you love being around kids and teaching. you become a teacher because you want to make kid's lives a living hell to help brighten your days. that and the summers off. what is the point? go to school and get a bunch of bullshit work that the teachers dont really care whether you know it or not. and write pointless papers with 10 pages of bullshit as to why someone thinks mark twain wrote the book adventures of huck finn. besides...almost everyone comes to school drunk, high, or fucked up on some kind of pill and falls asleep or are off in their own little world.

    o those recreational activities tho... like powder puff. such great times. so far i think kayla and i have made it to about 2 of the 10 practices... tomorro i think were just gonna show up like weve been there for every practice. i dont care to deal with peoples bullshit so its no big deal. the reason we havent been going all started like this:
    we "picked up" a "stray" dog on our way to practice. or shall i say we STOLE SOMEONE'S dog from IN FRONT OF ITS HOUSE and took it to SNS with us then decided to take it home and give it a bath and whatnot so that threw us off track of practice..then i got sick and whatnot and we just havent been since the second practice. it aint no thing. JR kicked ass so it was worth it.

    thats about it for the night ...good times

    by the way,babysat today for 2 45 bucs...who kicks ass? meeee

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