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kristen (kristencheer03) wrote,
@ 2003-07-25 16:24:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:tim mcgraw- real good man

    party tonight ! :)
    lol well i really didnt do nething today hung out w/kyle and landon here at my house , marcus is havin a party 2night and i cnt wait cus landon is bringin some of his friends from cedar park and their pretty hot and chris is bringin his lifeguard buddies haha lol and some other westlake people are comin lol and of course all my other hotties.. cody justin, ryan, james, matt , matt j.,wes, addison, stefan, ray (hopefully), luke,clint, kris, dylan, branden,austin,tristen,washburn. i can go on and on haha ... i still like kyle though but i dno if nething is gna happen or what... i meeelllt haha sry i was singin ! lol ya i know im a baller right lol blake better not come or some shits gna start ill kick his ass myself haha ya right lol hed kill me lol well im out ,,, all yall better go to that party tonight or ur retarded espicially if ur a chick cus there are gna be some major hotties 2 meet lol alot of chicks will be there 2 but who cares haha lol as long as i have my party buddies sara, erica, ashley, mari, britney,and tara im set! lol laters playas haha

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2003-07-26 22:00 (link)
kristen ur just gay lol and dirty lol

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