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kristen (kristencheer03) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 18:29:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:that weird r kelly song is on mtv lol that chinese arabian soundin song

    I lOvE MaRcUs WesLeY McPhErsoN
    whats the damn deal lol not much here im at my baby's house ....we r just chillin! i cnt wait til this weeknD!!!! i fuckin hate school lol screw that im droppin out! well ya i love marcus !! :) so back the fuck up or ill kick ur ass! cough leah cough u need to back up especially off mari's man and stop gettn in mari and andrews business haha ur gna get ur ass kicked if u keep talkn shit... u know no1 will let u hurt us lol so i suggest u lay low ..... my parentals r goin outta town on friday ! party time! lol hey trey guess what ... i asked him haha arent u proud of me?? lol well ya im gna go watch tv wmy /marcus

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2003-09-23 19:16 (link)
lol whatever fool u didnt ask him ! u damn pussy haha laterz babe- trey

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2003-09-24 13:47 (link)
yep she needs to stay out of buisness lol and away from ray lol this friday woo-hoo lol bye ~MARI JANSEN #7~

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2003-09-25 00:22 (link)
hell ya cnt wait til friday lol haha we can kick that bitch's ass ,our bf's have our backs! lol hAha not that we need there help or nething but ya know just in case lol

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