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Kristen (krist3nlee) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 21:17:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Leah Stargazing- Someone to Count On

    You don't look how I pictured.You dont look quite how i remembered.
    nothing really to write about, i was kinda out of it and bored al day, but shannon got the rest of the picturesfrom the dashboard concert developed, so we have the rest of the ones of us with mxpx, which is cool. Gotta call Alex, Tiara, and Katie tomorrow about the indoor team, kinda dont want to do it sinse theres seniors and stuff, but oh well, no diff then hs i guess.A ton of people have the flu, its sucky, lacey got sick at school, and went home, poor girl, i felt bad for her, and jesse didnteven say that he hopes she feels better! sucka.i wore a shoelace around my neck today, nicole says its my sexy style fo sho. haha..yeah..havent seen her in a while, i wonder whats up.I handed out a bunch of smokey the bear stickers today, haha yeah, im cool dude.put up the christmas tree tonight, probably gonna put the stuff on it tomorrow, put up the lights too, fo sho.haha yeah, i turned gangster.nothing else to write about..

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