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KrazyKittyKatie (krazykittykatie) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 21:27:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Depeche Mode "Mercy in you"

    So many try-hards OR Brittany Spears is a fuck.
    I cant believe the amount of morons floating around the site!

    Like it's some bloody popularity contest! I didn't realise these diaries are supposed to impress other users!

    There are way to many people here that think they (and their journal) are the be all and end all of wisdom and importance. Quite amusing really.

    I dont mind people reading my entries. I mean, who cares? Judge me all you want! I actually saw one chicks info page saying she wouldn't add you to her friends list if you write entries about who do what to whom. I mean if she's not interested in that it's fair enough (god knows I'm not either) but to specifically write that in your info page was a bit stuck up!! I mean, what is SHE writting that makes her more worthy?

    But then again, I did say in mine that I hate hard-core christians and teeny-boppers who like Brittany Spears. So I guess we all have our biases.
    I would be happy to debate religion with anyone, but I just cant tolerate anyone even suggesting the idea that Brittany Spears has the right to live on the same planet as me. (How stuck up is that?! But i cannot tell i is true.)

    I must go now...Yuri is hassling me to watch a dvd with him.

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