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ashLEY (krayon_breaker) wrote,
@ 2003-12-25 20:23:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Atreyu "Lip Gloss and Black"

    i am bored. i need to find something to do quickly. so i'll do this first. i went to the mall tuesday to finish x-mas shopping and poop. and i saw chris there. it was weird cuz i saw his shirt at first and i was thinking 'hmm..nobody else has that shirt. could it be chris?' then i lost track and kept looking around. i never got a good look or anything, but he looked purty cute from what i saw. then on x-mas eve, i gots me picture with santa. woohoo. nah, the santa at the mall looked like he took gray spray paint and sprayed it on his head. what a douche. i told him i wanted a 96 box of crayons. mike didn't talk to him. actually he never does, he looked constipated. lol. i laughed.

    today, i was awakened around 8 or so. heh, not by a whistle though. mike humped me so i got up quickly. i got a kik- a guitar pedal (metal zone by boss) sounds like black flag a little and thrice. i like it. :) also i got almost famous, nofx-war on errosim, black flag-first four years, brushes, stickers, a stereo, slippers, guitar stand, candy...ew, and my dad bought me this pack of granny pannies. shall return them soon. oh yes, 100 bucks! wootie. plus i got another 110 or so from family.

    when everyone was at church, i turned up my stereo and i danced like a monkey on crack. ooo, that was great. and my guitar was blasted as well. my uncles house was weird. i had to go in and do the whole hugging thing and "oh, merrry christmas!" im not a grinch, but its just awkward. i brought my headphones though and slept on a comfy couch. my uncles "friend" has a really silly laugh. its the "i know im gay and i show it" type laugh. so silly.
    yes, im writing alot. told u im bored. "sic transit gloria" is an awesome song. thanks holly. everybody listen to it. its by brand new. also "lip gloss and black" by atreyu

    and "im out like a belly button"...i always wanted to say that

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*"we can dance if we want to, we can leave our world behind!"*
2003-12-26 15:58 (link)
Belly buttons are fun. I got that Arteyu song, I liked it :-). Your dad bought you granny panties? He scares me.
Dude, I'm going to MAKE tuesday "fun" no matter what! ....I'm so cheesy.


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Re: *"we can dance if we want to, we can leave our world behind!"*
2003-12-26 18:59 (link)
yesh, granny panties. but i got some "sexy" panties today. woohoo
Mom said she could take us if my dad picks us up and i just asked him if he would and im thinking he will!!!!! just gotta get the time right. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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