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Kandi (kottenxkandi420) wrote,
@ 2003-06-05 09:26:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:master p, currensy, choppa-i got you girl

    Wow its madd early.I just watched the lion king...had 2 ice pops and 3 cigarettes. I cant sleep at all because im not taking my medicine...Im selling it to this kid at NA. Haha who would have thought that being mentally disturbed woulda paid off in the long run?
    Yesterday I went to Erics house. We went to Ryans and smoked then walked home and went to NA.
    We were trying to get some but noone was willing to drive in the freakin rain. So we chilled in his moms friends car. haha yeah chilled.
    So after NA i call my mom to come pick me up and the bitch hangs up on me. Im thinking that shes already somming to get me. So Around 10:30 i call her again and shes like oh well YOU hung up on ME so i thought u were getting youreself home. Then she hung up on me again and got me. I live for this kind of shit...Drama. See thats prolly why i instigate so much because i do anything to make me feel alive.

    At ryans they were all making fun of Steve. It made me smile. :) They were sayin how hes a pussy and how he such a loser...He walks up and is like hey guys. hahaha. Yupp thats steve. Hes gone down to an all time low i hear. He broke up with Kayla and is now going out with a 12 yr old from Bridgewater. Hes the Playschool Pimp. I wanna kick him in the shin and be like YOUR 17 DUDE. DATE SOMEONE UR OWN AGE! I bet the only reason he dates preteens is cause he cant get ass from anyone older. They know better.

    Jenns Party- Well it wasnt a party at the moment it twas a gathering perhaps? Me Jenn Amanda and Drew ventured to the Rollercoaster and toked. Drew was retarted...climbing on trees...running trying to get resen hits off a saftey pin. Amanda was drawing on a log and me and Jenn were talking. haha it was madd fun. Then we met up with Thoden and we toked with him. He was funny. He was hitting the bowl and was like im not getting anything...I was like thinking in my head-Maybe cause its cashed. THANKS COACH CASH.
    Sadly Jenn, Drewis and Thoden bizzounced. We had to part ways because if Jenns dad saw me hed call the cops.
    It was all good though. Haha after that day there was another day we chilled at Stoney Brook and we toked and saw the log with out resen pin and such. Then we ventured to central//white oak for some water i think...We saw Brian and Naydeen and they informed us Drew was comming. so when Drew came he was pissed cause Jenn didnt chill with him or whatever. Or she didnt anwser he cell phone. i didnt even hear it ring mann. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HEARD IT. THE ICE CREAM MAN. WE CHASED THAT BITCH FOR LIKE A HALF MILE! yo bannana and watermellon italian ice kicks ass.

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2003-06-05 21:28 (link)
DAHAHAHAH!!!! yo that fucking italian ice was s0o0o0o damn bangin!!!!!!! hahah and than our nature walk back to the tennis courts.... hah-hah-hah lil bambi sleeping... aww... welll i had such a riot-ola.... indeed indeed... okay i mus depart now... love yahhh hunnieeeeeeee


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