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Kandi (kottenxkandi420) wrote,
@ 2003-05-15 15:09:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:2pac-hail mary

    ...called steve 10 minuites ago and asked him if he was going to Liberty Corner for the festival. He said he wasnt. Which im pretty happy about accually. See now i can kick his girlfriends ass with out him being there to stop me.
    Heres the story.
    Sometime in April while me and Steve were still an "item" i attempted suicide and had to go to the hospital ICU(5 days) and Carrier Clinic (4 days). During my stay in the ICU i called Steve and he told me that he cheated on me with a 13 yr old girl-Marina. Thats really fucked up because hes 17 and shes 13. Thats like a crime right there. So after that i get out of the hospital and i go to visit my friend Eric who happens to now live in the same devolpment as Steve. Steve randomly shows up and apoligized which i rejetc. But it was so hard because i still loved him...
    After a while i finally listened to him and heard what he had to say and i forgave him. (silly me) and then he asked me back out (fucking stupid me)
    I got high with Eric and then when he had to leave to go to the doctors I went to go chill at Steves with , him and Chris( friend). Steve took me into his garage and we had sex. For the next 2 days i hadent heard from him and then i find out he has ANOTHER girlfriend while this is all going on! That fucking prick.
    Her name is Kayla. Shes a fat cow bitch who looks like a shit faced dog :) u all see my anger?

    So now i have moved on but i DO hold grudges! And they will get theres. So want to hear the ironic part in this?
    Im now going out with somebody named Macky, hes from my school hes so nice and sweet-i trust him and he treats me like an angel. BUT his step cousin is that fat moo cow listed above...Kayla.

    My life is one big black hole

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