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Small White Dragon (koshiroryuu) wrote,
@ 2003-04-08 00:20:00
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    MSAS teacher stats
    And now for the professor:

    Full Name (Plus titles if any): Sensui Yuri

    Age: 28

    Class: Bitch, Whine and Snark. She was originally up for the Martial Arts position, but lost out to Professor Ichijouji. Still, everyone knows that it's the Martial Arts she fancies. (*G*) She was also up for Head of Hadesian House, and has been very bitter ever since the position went to Professor Latrec, although this is somewhat hard to tell as she is very bitter in general.

    Fandom(s): Yuu Yuu Hakusho / Harry Potter Crossover!Sue

    Species(es): Human

    Hair Colour: Her hair was the deep, dark black of a midnight sun, the shining darkness of a raven's wing, flowing freely down her back like a lake of onyx. (*twitches*)

    Eye Colour: Her eyes were colored like the softest of orchids, narrow and hardened like shards of amythest, and filled with a fierceness and determination that cowered students and staff alike. (*gags*)

    Unusual Markings/Colourations: Dark skinned, with a small black dot on her forehead. If asked about the dot, she will merely glare, but that's mostly because she can't actually explain its origin. (Heh.) She also has the Dark Mark on her inner arm.

    Build: Tall and lithe, but with an ample bosom. Very long legs.

    Special Possessions: All of Sensui's memories from all personalities, as well as his fighting powers (but she always gets the attack names wrong). Also has a gay male youkai boyfriend.

    Animal Friend(s): Does the gay male youkai boyfriend count? *GGG*

    History/Origin: Sensui Shinobu's female personality, who was inexplicably able to split off into an entirely separate person before his death. Also, since Sensui was actually Severus Snape's long-lost half-brother on their father's side by a heretofore-unknown Japanese mistress, she is also sorta kinda Snape's half-sister, and will insist on calling him "Sevvy-kins" or somesuch at very inappropriate moments.

    Connection To Canon: As above. Also, she somehow managed to find Itsuki in his homemade pocket dimension and drag him back to the real world with her, incredibly OOC but otherwise none the worse for wear, so he could be her boyfriend help her continue Sensui's quest to destroy the Ningenkai. Oh, and since Sensui spent some time as a Death Eater prior to his unfortunate demise, she's met Voldemort and has the Dark Mark and all that, too.

    Special Abilities: Supreme bitchiness. Sensui's fighting skills. Snape's glare. Can make gay male youkai named Itsuki fall in love with her. (*g*)

    Other Traits: Bitchy and evil. Hates humans. Did I mention the whole thing about how she wants to destroy the world? Basically a female version of Sensui, but bitchier and without the part where you feel bad for him and think that his reasoning actually kind of makes a twisted sort of sense. (And, no, this is not at all what Sensui's actual female personality was like canonically, nor was her name *snerk* Yuri, but she's an MS so what does canon matter, right?)

    Likes: Itsuki, fighting, killing humans, destroying the human world, glaring, snarking, being bitter, torturing her students.

    Dislikes: Humanity. People who point out that her boyfriend's gay.

    Hobbies: Thinking up ways to destroy the human world. Torturing students mentally. Envying the Martial Arts / Head of Hadesian House positions. Letting her bitterness eat her up inside. Snarking. Being an evil bitch.

    Anything Else? Not that I can think of, nope!

    Not as cliche as the students, I suppose, but still fun in her own Mary Sue-y kind of way. ^_^

    -- Ko-chan

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