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Knives (knives777) wrote,
@ 2003-10-11 02:14:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Going 4 a walk, Bad Religion

    Kill Bill = One kick ass movie, and a kick ass night.
    We all went to go see kill bill today, it was fucking awsome.
    I can't wait till vol. 2 comes out.

    Me, Aidan, L, Mary, Ryan, and Nicole went, I road* in the trunk, it hurted. meh.

    Afterwords we went to dennys, it wasn't as fun as most other times, then again we were all tired.
    I did marys drive way today, my $100 is now $35, sigh. oh well.

    As am writing this Im thinking, "this is one lame ass update"

    so I will stop now.

    I think Nicole is really cute, I really liked it when she was playing with my hair, *sigh*

    Im really fucked up.

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2003-10-13 15:14 (link)
i have to go see that movie
so are you gonna ask nicola out? do you know if she likes you?
you spent $65 at dennys!?!
lol x

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2003-10-14 03:02 (link)
It really is one kick ass movie.

Ask Nicole out!? Shes very pretty, and fun but.......... I don't really think she likes me like that.
I don't really know what she thinks of me, I barely see her anyway, shes more Aidans friend then mine.
He would have a better shot.

well, keep in mind I paid for everyone cept' Nicole, and earlier I gave about 30 to my sis.

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2003-10-14 14:36 (link)
oh ok.
wel, if your not really close friends with nicola, wouldnt that make it better, as in you wouldnt fuck up your friendship if theings went wrong?
i dunno, its up to you! x

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2003-10-15 22:14 (link)
Oh well Maybe next time.


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