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Knives (knives777) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 01:55:00
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    Current mood: confused

    Wow, I am really trying to update this, journal.
    Its weird, The only one a try to update on a daily baseis is the one On live journal, well that one and the one on my message board.
    I've got like 8. Ah fuck it. I don't really care.

    I've been thinking about girls......alot.
    I mean Not like in a sex way, but like in a romantic way.
    Its really really weird.

    Tara, Anna, Kim, Julie, Karin*, all girls that were good friends, then we went out, broke up, and Now I don't talk to them anymore.
    I look at my currant female Friends.......One day I consider asking one of them out, then the feeling is gone, Then it comes back. At one point or another I have had Feelings for ALL of my Female Friends. I don't want to.
    It never works out. Its hard to make new friends, I like the ones I have.
    I wish it would just go away....fuck!
    I hate this, I hate this need to be close to someone, Fuck yeah Im lonely.
    I almost always feel alone, I try to distance myself from all my friends.......
    FUCK, Forget it...
    theres no point to this....

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2003-09-29 15:23 (link)
your getting a bit stressed! im sure youre whole 'friendship breaking up' thing will sort itself out soon!
everyone gets confused about their friends sometime!
how old are you?

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2003-09-30 05:15 (link)
Wow, I have a comment. yay!

well it all kinda worked out, I guess.
The "feelings" are gone, for the most part.

If I have a chance I might just take it.... no regrets.

Im 18 btw.

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2003-10-01 13:36 (link)
nothing wrong with that if you get a chance! you just have to make sure it doesnt fuck up your friendship!
i know how you feel about the comment thing, ive been adding since about june and i only got a couple of comments, from about two months ago!
when is your birthday?

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2003-10-02 02:24 (link)
My B-day is on Jan. 31, 1985.

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