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JasonB (klutu) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 19:11:00
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    "This is the beginning of the end of your lives...." - The Postal Dude
    Yeah, so, it's last day before I go back to work tomorrow. I'm really glad I worked SOOO much last week, like...really. I'll have a lot of money next week come Wednesday night. :) And, I need money really bad right now. I think I have like....100 in the bank left. lol. It's drainign every day too. It sucks, but, it's part of living in this glorious place. heh. I couldn't survive out here on the pay I was getting in Michigan....I could barely survive in Michigan on that pay. hahah I'm SOO bored right now....and, seeing as that's it my last night before work.....I *really* wanna go out and have a good time doing SOMETHING. lol. I could go back and hang out with Angela some more...cuz, I saw her earlier....but, I dunno. :-\ I've seen her SOO much this week, and, it's not like I'm bored of her..just, I want a fresh face I haven't seen in awhile. Maybe Aly? But, she seems pissed off @ me. :-( And, Crissy like normal flaked on me. She says she *wants* to see me very soon cuz she misses me....and then she in this constant state of changing what she's, she's got everything planned out all day, and allows like....10 minutes between things to do. So, she tries to cram time with me into those 10 minutes.....but, never remembers that it takes me at least 20 or 25 just to get to, even if I got there QUICK, she'd be leaving to do something else. It's stupid, but, I love the gurl to, I guess I'll let it slide...god knows I've let it slide a lot more than I should....but, whatever. Everyone who knows me knows I let them get away with shit. So, what's new? lol. Ummmm......put up the dry-wall on the under-side of the floor we put up. It looks a lot better now. And, I took some time out of my busy day and dug in the backyard like was requested of me earlier. Stupid fucking step-mom. lol. Just because she wants to have some kind of Christmas, we have to fix the backyard and put up a brick divider or something. I dunno what the hell is going on....Dave practically just put a shovel in my hand and said....DIG. lol. Well, I'm off to find something to do! Wish me luck!! heheheh

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Droppin' a line
2003-09-06 22:57 (link)
Hey youngin', This is Rich blowin at ya'. Wow dude, I'm readin' all these posts and a thought occurs to me. Do you even hang out with ANY guys? It's all chicks! Don't get it twisted tho. Just sayin' that shit out loud is like an automatic compliment to any self respecting Hedro, ya'know. Heh, I'd be jealous... but you know it ain't my style. Props to ya for coppin' tha life bro. Someday, I'll be in Cali and I'm gonna witness the massive amounts of game you been vomiting on all these dames, and then I'm gonna be like, "That's tight as fuck dude", and you'll be like, "Tight as a Nearville virgin". Sucks that Patties all up in your Jock tho dude. That sucks. Well, that's it. I don't even know why I dropped this. I'm bored. That's why. Until later, Peace.

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2003-09-11 18:51 (link)
hi! im still alive! (well kinda, check out my journal)

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