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Ben (kkvitas87) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 22:00:00
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    woo.. Loong week at camp. It was pretty boring but me and Eli fucked around so much that i definitely can't say i didn't have fun. Oh yeah, Eli is this cool guy at camp i've known for a few years. He's like 17 now i think. Me and Eli are definitely a formula for laughter. Whenever we were together funny shit would happen. Let's see.. hmm.. me and eli had soap bubble fights, wet willy wars, purple nurple battles, pretty much beat the shit out of eachother. And we teamed up to pull some of the best fucking pranks and jokes ever. There was this little kid named Augie, who was absolutely rank. Fucking disgusting. Me and Eli spent a lot of time making jokes about him. Oh, and thursday night we had the overnight in the woods, and most of us were sleeping outside, and it rained. it sucked. But then Eli woke me up with a wet willy. I kinda deserved it though because i woke him up by spitting on his face from my bunk until he noticed on wednesday morning. Ha, good times. OH yeah and Phil. Phil's this guy with a british accent. He's a counselor and he plays guitar, he's really cool. I'm going back next week but i think i'm going to skip the third week. Next week should be good because ther'e's gonna be like twenty more ppl and ppl more around our age and not like 11 or 12 like this week. They better be or I'll fucking take it out on Eli. Ya hear that man!? No, his mom. (hehe i started a massive bombardment of mom jokes with Eli in the past few days.)

    well I'm gonna go watch this movie i rented. Adios. If anybody wants to do shit saturday just call me.

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