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Kait Kell (kkbabay) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 20:32:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:"Can you feel the love tonight?" - my man Elton

    "These are a few of my favorite things.."
    Hey hey.. I suddenly got the song "These are a few of my favorite things.." from the Sound of Music stuck in my head, and since I'm putting off studying, I'm going to comprise a list of my favorite things.. :)
    ~Funny people.. you know, the people who aren't afraid to make a fool of themselves to make others happy
    ~Rice pudding.. Yum.
    ~Matchbox Twenty.. Rob Thomas? Nice. Good Music? Awesome Music. Good Combo. :)
    ~Days that my hair scrunches well.
    ~Ryan Sutter, winner of 'The Bachorlette'. Yummy!!
    ~Crazy times with Kim.. no matter what might be bothering me, somehow hanging out with her and going crazy makes me forget about it.. love ya girl.
    ~Finding other people who like the same music as me.. makes me feel as though I'm not a COMPLETE dork.
    ~ Naturally Blonde Hair.
    ~Smart Boys... don't ask me why, but nothing is better than a guy who can think for himself.. I don't know..haha
    ~Crew Season .. as much pain that may be inflicted, the memories and friends are sooo worth it.
    ~Nick Miragello ... need I say more? hahah..
    ~Elton John.. my fav flamboant(can't spell..) gay man who sings EVER!! haha
    ~Acoustic versions of songs .. sounds less manufactured
    ~'Friends'.. one of the few shows I can watch whenever, and always laugh at leading to my next thing:
    ~Phoebe Bufet... my role model!
    ~Noelle Falvo.. the light of my life!.. that I'm missing right now.. :(
    ~Being nonconventional, and still having friends.. niiice..
    ~Prince William... dammmmn.. soo pretty.
    ~the Awesome '80s.. my TRUE decade.
    ~Cait McCusker.. gotta love the girl
    ~Dawson's Creek.. my favorite thing about missing school
    ~Disney Cartoons.. movies I can sing to!!
    ~Not actually hot boys, but have some quality to them to make them charming/captivating..right up my alley
    ~Zaniness..not much gets any better
    ~Jimmy Fallon.. funny, quirky, cute.
    ~The few trashy reality shows I watch
    ~'Pirates of the Caribbean'...a-maz-ing movie..haha
    ~my Lunch this times..(and last yr.'s lunch too.. alisa..ha)=
    ~Good Charlotte.. pretty twins in it
    ~Astrology hoopla.. I love reading about that stuff
    ~Kristin..funny girl
    ~Lollipops.. ;)
    ~Comfy sweatpants
    ~Uggs.. more clogs, but I still sweat the boots..
    ~Funny t-shirts
    ~The Calling.. Alex Band has such a smooth and NIIICE voice
    ~Boys with nice MUSCULAR shoulders.. often from swimming or crew.. my fav physical thing about guys
    This isn't in any order.. and there is much more to add.. but I GUESS I can go and start to study for Spanish and whatnot

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2003-12-09 21:41 (link)

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