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B!TcH K!TT!E MoMmA (kittiesinutero) wrote,
@ 2003-10-23 21:11:00
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    Well finally we have almost everything set for the reception next saturday. just have to make a few last minute purchases. But what good is all this planning when no one is going to show? well, atleast i tried something. my tummy is pudging up a little now, i really hope it doesnt show through the dress. this is my mom's dress i'm wearing and its really old but worn twice so its in perfect condition. It has blue in it, so thats kind of out of the color scheme, although it should just be some tiny blue flowers at the seam maybe. You can even see it in the picture where my mom is wearing it, so i'm sure it's got to be not noticable.

    Yesterday i felt really good for once. I thought this sickness might be finally passing. But nuuuu. today i get up, sick as all hell with a pain in my belly. i guess this kids hitting a growth spurt in there? lol. i know its supposed to be doubling in size right about now...why does being pregnant have to feel like i'm dying? lol. yes i rather do enjoy my whining. hehe. chris asked me a few days ago about how many kids do i want. i said i would like to have atleast two. and he says that he thinks there should be a ten year first i was thinking, no i'd like them to be close, so they can grow up playing together and just actually experience having a sibling. But now....pffft...ten years sounds like it would be a niiice resting time between pregnancies. lol.

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