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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 02:37:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:none

    Duh Kitty!
    Heyla. Gods it is good to have net again. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my AC fixed at my house and go home. Staying with my mom now. Hmm..last night was...different. It seems every time something goes right here, two or three more things go wrong. I finally got to talk to my ashke last night. *purrs* Major good thing. But , of course, being nervous and too shy for my own good, I didn't say even half the things that I should have or would have liked to have said. Not even how very happy I was to finally talk to him, although he managed to remember... *blush* But I did enjoy finally talking to him and I hope that nect time we talk I can just chill out and relax some. *growls at self for being so shy* Well, after that particular blunder (giggling nervously and not talking) my family got mad at me because I wanted Sid over at my mom's place with me. Finally ended up taking him home and turning on my nearly dead AC and putting the fan where it would blow on his favorite sleeping spot. OH well. Talking to my ves'tacha made up for it, and later playing Runescape with him and talking on IM made it even better. Zhai'helluva

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2003-05-24 11:44 (link)
YEAH 4 net again, and I hope u get ur AC fixed soon also. ~HUGZ~


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2003-05-24 12:23 (link)
Thanks Jess. I'll prolly end up getting a new one I think...just a little AC.

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