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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 21:40:00
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    *wonders what happened...*
    Heyla. Today was one of those days I guess... Most of the day was ok, until I went in to work the second time. This huge german shepherd decided it would be cool to somehow unscrew all the screws on his cage door and tear it up. So I had to try to fix it...with him outside trying to open the door to get back in. *growls in frustration* I think I hate him. My mom and I were trying to put the door back on and I ended up pinching her finger in the thing. *sighs* She started cursing and I thought she was cussing me out so I got pissed and told her to just leave the door alone and not touch it and she got upset. I want to beat Brenda...looks like she didn't give ANYONE any meds yesterday, so we'll both probably get bitched at for it. Ugh. I'm very close to just quitting and finding another job. Every time she screws up something I get the lectures. The only reason she is manager is because she started before I did. Managers are supposed to be there more than standard employees, right? I'm there twice as much as she is. I'm going to stop now. Zhai'helluva.
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2003-05-12 06:18 (link)
Once bitten, you under normal circumstances become a vampire. But not all vampires forget their humanity in the face of unlife, immortal as it may seem.
Mothers are ever forgiving, ever loving. ties stronger than vampiric blood cannot be broken by a few words spouted in anger. At least,.. they shouldn't be.. I'm sure your mom's no different. In fact, im sure she would be glad to make it up to you for being misconstrued. If not.. I will.. ^_^
But some vampires might not deserve the gift they have been granted. Causing problems for subordinates who are obviously superior to them in every way, these suckers need to be thrown out in the sunlight. Im not one to slay my own kind.. but reporting your manager is hardly manslaughter.. Is there someone who is her superior, that you can talk to? if not.. ummm *hands you mace* accidents happen :D

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2003-05-12 12:41 (link)
Heyla. Hai, mom and I have already forgiven and forgotten. It was just a spat of bitchiness from the both of us. As for my manager, yes I can talk to the office manager and the owner of the clinic, which I have been doing. Been pointing out all the stuff that she has done wrong and blamed on me. *growls, then grins* Then again, I like the mace idea a lot too....

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2003-05-12 14:20 (link)
I hope everything works out 4 u then. ~HUGZ~


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2003-05-12 22:20 (link)
Thanks. :)

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