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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 03:11:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:The Soulforged ~ Blind Guardian

    Kit, last of the Stallion Clan of the Plain
    A description of my newest Kit charrie, for FFB. One of the members is having a contest of sorts I suppose, where two who submit a description of their charrie may have the charrie drawn by an artist friend of hers. I'm thinking of submitting Kit....

    Kit stands about 5 foot 5 inches tall, with a slender build. Although she isn't sure of her true age, she was made a vampire at the age of 18 and has retained the features and build that she had as a mortal. Being from a nomadic tribe of horsemen, she does have plenty of wiry muscle over her slender frame. Despite her slender frame and wiry muscle, her body does have a generous curvature, possessing fair sized breasts and hips for her size. She has long, wiry muscled limbs, suggesting long periods of time spent working or in a saddle. She has waist length blue black hair that hangs to her hips, freely except for a strand of hair just before her right ear which is braided with a white chocobo feather woven into the braid with a length of white silk. A thin silver chain encircles her neck ending with a small horse that rests against her throat, seemingly formed from a dark ruby. Her eyes are silver, with thick sable lashes, below eyebrow the same blue black as her hair. Her face is well defined, with high cheekbones and full lips. Although in life she was darkly tanned from hours in the sun, her coloration now is a few shades darker than truly white.
    As far as garb goes, she wears a black tunic and black leggings with lengths of dark colored silks wound around certain areas. Her boots are a dull black and come up to her knee and are then folded down and laced to her calf, the hilt of a dirk peeking out of her right boot. Her leggings are not tight enough to show all the detail of her legs, but fit close, allowing for more freedom of movement. There are lengths of emerald hued silk wound around her legs, at the knee, and tied off so that the excess length trails down the outside of her leg to her ankles when still. Another longer silk of deep purple encircles her waist, tracing down her hip to half way down her thigh, ending opposite a thin stiletto strapped to her left thigh. Her tunic fits much like her leggings just snug enough to keep it from catching on anything or interfering with her movements, ending at her hips. Two last lengths of dark blue silk are wound around her upper arms, the excess trailing to her wrists. The neckline of the tunic is cut to dip down in a V, but stops before it reaches the point of revealing any of her bust.

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