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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 04:27:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Existential Blues ~ Tom Lehrer

    Darkeagle k'Treva story Ch. 1
    This is the intro to a story I'm working on, based in Velgarath, from the Mercedes Lackey novels.

    Darkeagle k'Treva groans, waking slowly to the frantic Voice of his bondbird, Onyx. His Mage energies are almost completely drained. : Darkeagle, wake! : Onyx mantles over his prone bondmate, making small distressed sounds. The Tayledras Adept tries to sit up, his head swimming.

    : It's ok Onyx. I'm alright sh'el. Calm down. : Darkeagle soothes the harpy eagle. Where are we? We're supposed to be in Valdemar? Then he begins to remember.

    Despite, or perhaps because of his youth, Darkeagle had received the approval of the Council to travel to Valdemar. Since he had heard stories of Valdemar and Vanyel Ashkevron, shayana to k'Treva, he had wanted to see the place. Then Firesong had left for k'Sheyna and sent back word that he was going to Valdemar, to help train their new Herald-Mages. Darkeagle had been envious of the other young Adept. After the Mage Storms, Firesong had left Valdemar with one of the Kaled'a'in, Silverfox. That left Darkwind and Elspeth to train the younglings. At hearing this, Darkeagle asked the Council's permission to go to aid them. He'd been pleasantly surprised when they had told him yes.

    The morning of his departure, Darkeagle prepared himself to cast the Gating Spell that would take him directly to Haven, the heart of Valdemar, homeland of k'Treva's shayana. When it was time, Darkeagle had his hertasi gather his belongings and his weapons, to stand ready to throw them through the Gate. Reaching with mental hands, he seized the Node tied to the Heartstone and carefully pulled. Magical energy sang through the young Adept as he began to weave the frame for his Gate. A place of power had been described to him in great detail the Grove. Once the Gate was finished, he looked to his hertasi. The lizard like creatures nodded and hefted his belongings. Just as they tossed his possessions through, he felt something seize his Gate and jerk it from his control. With a startled cry, Darkeagle stumbled through the Gate, followed by his bondbird and collapsed. Before he could unweave the Gate and feed the energies through him back into the ground, he had lost consciousness, from the shock.

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