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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 17:36:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:alternating between the tv and the ac...

    ...weird Kitty theory...
    Heyla. It's "latearly" and I'm trying to stay awake, so I think I'm going to explain one of my "theories". I'm not really serious about this, so don't start calling the asylums nearby to have me taken away. One of my stranger theories is that at some point females become more elven and males more kender. Yes, this is yet another example of how I'm an RP freak as well, but hear me out. First us lasses. Elves have a deep respect and love for life, especially their own. Females generally worry about getting hurt, or those we love getting hurt. Now, for the lads. For those with no knowledge of kender, they are a race on Krynn from Dragonlance, that are entirely fearless, have no concept of common sense, and have the very best luck in the world. If you threw a kender into a pit full of spikes, not only would he be your friend for life for providing him with the "coolest" experience, but somehow he wouldn't even get nicked. Ever notice how guys sometimes do the absolute DUMBEST things, and yet come through without a scratch? I swear sometimes they are borderline suicidal. I used to watch my sh'el walk along the top rail of stair railings going down, just knowing that he was going to fall and kill himself. And of course, he never even faltered. For any non-RPers, this probably made no sense whatsoever. Oh well, like my friend Brightblade said, is it really necessary that people understand me? *grins* Of course it isn't. So long as my demented little family and I understand that'll do. Zhai'helluva

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