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~kitty~ (kiteara) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 01:34:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Adult Swim on tv

    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Heyla. This weekend was pretty cool. Friday night I went to my friend, Janelle's, going away party. After watching the Rcky Horror Picture Show (RHPS) with a bunch of our friends, we all went to the Clock. We hung out there for a while, and then went to the pier. My sh'el tried to kill himself, and some of the rest of us, skidding along the pier and along benches. After that, some of us had to go home but most of us went to Wal-Mart. Doesn't that sound like a great place to be at 4 am? Just proves what I tell people all the time, Naples sucks. Anyway, Magus decided to tease me a while there, asking just who was going to put a lease on my collar. *laughs* I just told him that it wouldn't be him. We got bored there and headed back to Janelle's to pass out. Easier said than done though. I ended up talking to my friend Matt (yet another person who's adopted me as his sister, complete with an extreme case of protectiveness) all night. He says that I finally passed out around 11:30 the next morning, sitting in my chair. Around 12 or so, Janelle woke me up because we had to go to Magus' parents by 2 for his party. Hehe, I think me and Janelle spent most of our time working on our RHPS costumes. Well, more Janelle, because she can actually sew. I'm told I passed out again for another 30 minutes, trying to watch a movie with Magus and his family and Janelle. Matt woke me up, I think, to tell me it was time to go back to Janelle's to get into our RHPS costumes. We all decided to get ready at her house cuz there was more room there. Now, most of my demented little family knows that I'm not a touchy person, even though most of them are. I don't like most people to even touch me. Rhia was joking that she was prolly the only one who could get away with hugging me. Of course, me sh'el argued that he could and ended up chasing me around Janelle's kitchen. Unfortunately, Rhia was on Magus' side and caught me for him. Doesn't my family sound grand? *laughs* Ah well, that's why I love them as much as I do. So we went to the theater to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in costume. The show was great and their Frankenfurter was awesome! Rocky ended up almost running me over and sitting in my friend's lap. We went to the Clock again (hey it's the only place open at 4 am in the morning) and then all went home. The only negative point to the whole weekend is my already screwed up sleeping pattern was shot to hell. Now I just can't sleep before dawn! Well I'd better go try. *crawls off to try to pass out* Zhai'helluva.
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