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tryna (kissznhugz) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 12:44:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:my love is like wo

    im so bored... at my mommas and i just woke up..i fell asleep at like 3am last night and im so tired.. im just doing nothing..bout to watch mighty ducks d2 OH YEA found them in my cabinets so im like shit good movies from back in the day ima watch them...
    ::i miss christina::....yea she call my cell last night and i have like no service in my house so i went outside and sat on my sisters car just talking on my phone and guess who drove up?? dan my neighbor and shit i anit gonna lie hes really hott..and we talked for like 2 seconds.(ya w/e)..but anyways i was talking to christina and she was saying how she wrote me a letter and is gonna send it to me (YAY) (im gonna get a letter im gonna get a letter im gonna get a letter, i wonder who its from ::christina!!::)hehe my rendision of the blues clues song (YEA BABY) lol...well after i hung up with xtina i called sara and she came outside (she my nextdoor neighbor) and we just talked and i called jeff and he said he was driving back from orlando so he'll call me lata..(he didnt {oh well})..then saras mom was going home and she saw us and she was drunk..(she was so cute) was laughing so hard!!....ok then we went inside cuz we were getting eating by bugs and shit..and we watched some tv and she went home at like 12am...ok so yea that was my boring night lol

    im gonna go


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Love in Christ and COOKIES!
2003-06-21 00:44 (link)
AWWWWWWW im so glad that someone actually misses me! no1 else seems to care lol but yea not only are you gonna get a letter your gettin an e-mail too lol. But i miss you too and am happy that you got to see hottie neighbor Dan. I love my co-cookie maker TRA-ZINA! and cant wait till i get to see ya on the 30th! ten days away from my tree-tree love so saddness! but i will remember old memories and good times like:COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES oh yes you knew that was comming lol. ok well ill ttyl bye my love! oh and one more thing COOKIES!

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Re: Love in Christ and COOKIES!
2003-06-21 13:19 (link)

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