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Anais Kretz Lameche (kissesfromanais) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 23:34:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:butterflies don't lie[x]kaci

    ::logs on and begins to type::

    whoa so much has happened in only 2 days let see I have spent tons of time with faye and rosie <3 we have aer little talks lol math is no longer just are secret word a few people know now lol Oh well it was fun confusing people while it lasted

    I've spent time with Jesse most of which i spent bitting him lmao to wake him up.I went swimming with chris

    I met Frankie today we clicked pretty well first we went out and had ice cream that was soooo YUMMY we both had cookie dough ice cream.Then went for a walk on the beach and watch the sunset,we rolled up are pants and walked in the water, it kinda got cold so we just talked and sat on the beach playing in the sand and watching the waves then we decided to go to frankies but in the end ended up at the park that was fun.Then it started to get cold so we went to my house and had a food fight i had grapes in my hair and we were both all dirty.So we took a shower since we had our swim suits on.After we got out and dried off i was gonna paint frankies toe nails pink but decided just to watch a movie instead and that my day -smiles-it was an awsome day.

    ::reads over her update then clicks Update Journal and happily climbs into bed::

    Edit://ok so i couldnt sleep and then aaron and i went out for a drink and we ended up having two drinks when aaron got the idea to go crash walmart lol first i complained about how they didn't have a certain barbie when i was little and how im jealous of barbie cuz she had so much closths and shoes and just about everythingthe, aaron played with bob the builder lmao Jack hammers -cracks up- you wouldn't understand lol so i won't even tempt to explain.Then we races around on bikes i took the tri-cycle and aaron took a girls bike with a horn.I fell over and noticed some skate boards so then i attempted to skate board and landed in a thing of teddy bears and aaron learnt how to skated board on hes hands very interesting.Then we went and played in the closth i made aaron wear a bikini haha not too many guys look good in a bikini but he did haha ..for a guy of course After goofing around in the closths department.We went and danced in the audio section of the store.All in all i had an awsome time but i'm very tried now so i'm going to bed.

    Later days Anais.

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(Reply from suspended user)

2003-07-18 02:33 (link)
Lazyness is bad! lol I'm a lazy person-shakes head-ask rosie lol i wanted a grilled cheese for two day but ive been too lazy to make it lol damn i still havent had it man i want one now-pouts-

laters anais

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2003-07-18 11:13 (link)
Hey Nais!! *cires* i miss hanging out with ya! Im on AIM so ill see you whenever *laughs* <33


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2003-07-18 13:55 (link)
banana anna i miss you too get your butt online!!!

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2003-07-18 13:48 (link)
sound like you and aaron had fun. you two and ya'll weird since of humor lol.

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2003-07-18 13:57 (link)
haha ya it was fun and i forgot to post the bend and snap which was just about the best part of the night-cracks up-

Love ya anais

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2003-07-19 06:30 (link)
yo anais, -laughs- it was a very interesting nite...wal-mart ownz haha whoo im hot in a bikini -laughs- thx i still find it funny that no workers made us turn down the radios -laughs- their all to busy hmmm..jackhammerin on break eh..-laughs- BOB aight im out..


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